Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Tree Decoration

Mandy asks…

When should I put up Christmas decorations?

I have the house all decorated for fall right now, but I’m getting sick of it. The leaves have fallen….the pumpkins are gross…the harvest is over….so it feels ridiculous to have scarecrows and straw and “Happy Harvest” signs up. But I also don’t want a bunch of ugly turkeys, pilgrims, and tacky Indian decorations out for Thanksgiving. Is it okay to put out a few Christmas decorations (not the tree of course) and start to get in the season?

richmama answers:

I always put them up the Friday after Thanksgiving or in and around there. It’s better to have them up longer because once Christmas is over, the decorations seem to lose their charm until the next year. If you’re really in the Christmas spirit, I’d start small each day this week and then put it all up by the 23rd or whenever you feel like it.

Donna asks…

Some Christmas Decoration Ideas … ?

Every year we have a Christmas tree, and a nativity scene, what else could we do that wont cost us a fortune and look tacky?

richmama answers:

Paper chains- you can get gummed shiney paper strips rom craft shops. They are fun to make. Plus tinsel over evey picture frame, mirror frame, stair rail.. This can be quite cheap and brightens up the place.

Also hang up your christmas cards on a string on the wall. As you get more in the post then the place will look more chirstmassy, plus you wont have them cluttering up every surface in your house.

Paper snowflakes are fun to make and hang in the windows, and you can use paper or sparkley card. If you make lots of small ones you can hang them off a wire coat hanger and make a mobile- it is cheaper than canned snow- and doesnt mess up your window glass for ages after!!

Try a wreath on your front door (holly or ever green with berries- you can make one of these with a wire coat hanger bent into a circle for a frame).

If you have spare baubles and tree decorations then loop them onto some string and hang them up on the walls (just double loop them so they dont all fall to the middle of the string!)

Use blue tack to stick cards onto kitchen cupboards/fridge/freezer..

Little fairy lights can be quite cheap.. And advernt candel mobiles are fun (try a cheap store..) here is an example|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

I dont think home made things look tacky- some paint, card and string can go a long way!!

Most of all just fill your house with warmth and love.

Sandra asks…

How can I decorate an office for the Holidays?

Question Details: Hello everyone! I am trying to decorate my office for the holidays. We can’t set a Christmas tree because we don’t have enough space in the office, but my coworker suggested to hand Christmas ornaments from the ceiling (like red and gold maybe, the cute loking ones, not the tacky ones, lol). Now, his idea was to maybe put one red, the “something” in the middle and then a gold one and make like a line of 18 total. Anyways, do you have any idea what that “something about 1ft tall” could be? Do u have a better idea? Mind you, The place to be decorated is a travel agency and we don’t want to go overboard on the money, space or Christmas decoration since one of my other coworkers is muslim. Please give me some ideas as I am heading to the stores this afternoon.
Another thing that I forgot is that the walls are white, so is the ceiling, so we need something that can be seen. I am saying this because I proposed glitter snowflakes to be the something larger hanging but we all agree that it will not be contrasting.
We don’t have windows. I mean, we do, but we are on a 6th floor.

richmama answers:

Considering the white walls and a muslim coworker, I would probably go with a winter wonderland type of theme. Try using light blues, silvers, greys, and the white as you basic colouring. The office is a great place to decorate because of the tools you have to use. Try finding objects on line to print out, duplicate and hang (ie, snowflakes, lodgehouses, trees). You also most probably have windows which you can spray white in the corners like some other businesses do. If you do hang garland or ornaments from the cieling keep them light. Try hangin them from different lengths. One idea I used was to print out letters spelling a phrase like “Happy Holidays”, or ” Ho, Ho, Ho” and framed each letter in a decrotive or contempory fram and hang them for a larger display to take up some wall space. Good luck!!!

Michael asks…

What do REAL Christians think of the hype surrounding Christmas?

What do you think of all of the materialistic things about Christmas nowadays? All the adverts on the telly and the tacky plastic trash that they sell every year?
It seems to get earlier each year too. Some people near me put their Christmas decorations up as early as October, and I’m betting most of them don’t even believe in Jesus. I read an article once about a pub in Cornwall that put it’s Christmas tree up in August!
Somebody even wished me a merry Christmas last week! It’s mid November! Lol!
What do you think about it, do you feel that it ruins your religious festival?
“Gratefully Deadicated” You are missing the point. I am not a Christian, I’m an Atheist.
I just don’t agree with a lot of these people that don’t even believe in God or Jesus making such a big deal of it.

richmama answers:

I hate the music and ignore the Christmas spirit. I’m looking forward to all the people shopping as our economy is slumping right now. I celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve and day. I hope for few presents with great value(non-monetary value) and hope people don’t mind that I’m a little poor. The rest of the holiday besides the actual holiday is driven by money, greed, expectations, but maybe also hope for a new start, family time, vacation, and children (because Christmas was great back then). Christmas still has a mysterious feel to it. Tips are larger, but traffic is also worse. On my part, I just remind myself what really happened 2000 some years ago and why this means that I really need to get my life back on track.

To summarize, the hype is mostly about greed and money, but parts of it stem from what is truly valuable.

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