Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Lights

Lisa asks…

Are multicolored Christmas lights tacky?

I saw in this one article that multicolored Christmas lights aren’t tasteful when you put them on the exterior of your house. They said white lights are more sophisticated looking. What do you think?

richmama answers:

WHAT? Definitely not. White lights are so boring. We put multi colored up on our house and they look great. I like color. We put them on our tree too. Who wants all white?

David asks…

With 2 wars going on is it tacky to put christmas lights on the home?

Is it tacky to put christmas lights on my home with 2 wars going on? Should we really be celebrating/wasting energy while our brave young men and women are overseas fighting ?
For all the Gold Star parents, spouses and children is it not disrespecting them to be “celebrating” There is a gold star family on my block and don’t want to hurt them even more by them seeing a party in my front yard

richmama answers:

All the more reason to celebrate the Prince of Peace.

EDIT: People lose family members, including their children, every day, for various tragic reasons. Life does not stop for them, and they do not expect it to stop for anyone else. As long as you don’t lose sight of what you’re really celebrating, you should definitely continue. That’s what they would want, and that’s what they do overseas.

Mary asks…

Is 60,000 christmas lights tacky for a home?

richmama answers:

I think NOT. Its gloriously beautiful!

Ruth asks…

Whole house christmas lights? Fun or tacky?

I know some homes flip out with Christmas lights, firing up enough lamps to power a small city. To each their own I guess, but do you like this in your neighborhood?? It seems so tacky too me. I wonder how much energy is wasted in December, just from everyones christmas light displays???

(yea yea, I know…bah humbug!) lol

richmama answers:

Tacky and contributes to global warming

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