Your Questions About Muffin Top Workout

Mark asks…

I have a big muffin top. I workout everyday tons of cardio, strengh training and other stuff.?

I need advice from a professional fitness traines that can give me an advice on what kind of workout routine I should do to loose that muffin top. Help pleasse!!!!

richmama answers:

Try sitting in a chair and stretching your left arm over your head so that you bend it in an arch towards the ground, which will stretch out your sides. Then do the other arm. It might help…

Also consider if your clothes fit you right. You may just be built that way! 🙂

James asks…

Does anyone have a good workout plan for stomach, inner thighs, and muffin top?

I actually really like my body, and I play lots of sports. However, the one thing I don’t like is my muffin top. Is there any way that I can get rid of it? Also I would like to have a more toned stomach and more muscle in my inner thighs. Does anyone know of exercises or stretches that can help me achieve those goals?

richmama answers:

You need to run all the fat off; run at least 5 miles a day.

Robert asks…

what is the best workout to eliminate a muffin top?

richmama answers:

You run all the way to the doctor to get liposuction, lol jk

cardio which is running dancing ect things that make you sweat, dancing that had alot of hip movement helps ALOT, SALSA, MERENGE, AND ZUMBA

Hope i Helped sweetheart 🙂

Sandra asks…

Muffin top workouts?

i need exercises that will get rid of muffin tops! help, anyone?

richmama answers:

Ok well first of all, if you have a muffin top then you have excess fat laying around on that part of the body. A healthy diet and cardio will help get rid of fat wherever its stored. It chooses the areas where fat is burned first. Sooner or later, the fat in that area of your body will be burned but it might take time which is why you should have patience. I am not going to explain what a healthy diet looks like but to sum it up, junk food shouldn’t be consumed and you should be primarily eating lots of vegetables as they are low in calories and filled with nutrients. Cardio can be anywhere from a morning jog to a sport you enjoy participating in.

Now as for strength training, that will help firm up the muscles to make your skin appear toned and tightened. You should be concentrating on working on the obliques and lower back because muffin tops lie around that area. I suggest going to this website to find exercises for the obliques and lower back:

You might want to have a set of dumbells (I assure you they are not expensive at all) in order to participate in a successfully strength training routine of your choice.

Bottom line is most people believe that they will only loose fat from an area they specifically work on. For example, if they move their legs then only fat from their legs will be lost. That is a myth. Any cardio will burn the fat from wherever its stored around the body. Hope I helped. Remember, patience and motivation is the key. Don’t expect results to come fast.

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