Your Questions About Tacky Christmas

Daniel asks…

What to wear to a wakcy tacky christmas party?

I’m have a Christmas party tonight & need some ideas for a wacky tacky outfit. It needs to be a easy idea that I could do at home.

richmama answers:

An idea if you have it is a color coordinated sweat pants(preferably old style with elastic wasted bottoms on the paints kin of deal) and sweat shirt outfit ( decorate the sweatshirt with fabric painted to be holiday themed, or sew of something holiday themed). If you have your ears pierced you could stick bows (for decorating holiday gifts) onto a pair of dangling earrings! Or just an ugly holiday sweater (thrift stores have lots and very cheap prices)! Another idea could be red or green leggings with an over-sized white t shirt.

Betty asks…

Where on the UK highstreet can I buy a tacky Christmas jumper?

Need to get a tacky Christmas jumper for a Christmas party that ideally doesn’t break the bank – I’ve some on eBay but they’re going for thirty / fourty quid!

Ant suggestion would be much appreciated!


richmama answers:

Matalan have some reindeer jumpers/ cardigans in

Carol asks…

what are some good tacky Christmas clothes that i can find around my house?

think 80’s! I’m 14 and my aunt is having a Christmas party tonight. the rules are to dress in tacky Christmas clothes, and i wasn’t even born in the era of the 80’s so I’m in need of some help.

richmama answers:

Hmmm, you can ask your mom if she has any big cheesy holiday sweaters…
Then probably some legwarmers over leggings (red/green) or knee highs (festive pattern) with flats. Skinny jeans with legwarmers works too if it’s cold.

Have fun!!!!!

Robert asks…

Need suggestions for tacky christmas team names for work.?

Our theme is Christmas in Tacky Town so we want our name to be something similar. Any ideas?

richmama answers:

Santas Helpers,the elves, name each one of you the famous reindeer (rudolph donned blixon) , Santas elves, deck the halls, sorry I’m not that great but I can’t think of much right now…… Oh yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS

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