Your Questions About Household Budgets

Steven asks…

What is Cap and Trade and how will it affect our household budgets?

I doubt anyone knows of this impending expense.
I’m surprised this made it through.

richmama answers:

It should be called what it is-an energy tax, which will make everyone’s taxes go up thousands each year-especially the working class, which 0bama promised would see no new taxes.

Charles asks…

Do you believe in times of extreme recession the gov’t should run it’s budgets like a household budget and?

halt spending?

Or do you think that the gov’t needs to spend in order to keep the money flowing(i.e. it takes money to make money)just as companies invest in R&D during tough times?

richmama answers:

Even in extreme situations, household spending can’t be brought to a halt. There are always things like food, shelter, utilities, gas and car insurance that still need to be paid. The government isn’t a home and people who believe it can be run the same way are simplistic in their views.

Linda asks…

household budgets… What;s the best on-line help to organize your money??

richmama answers:

Friend my suggestion try it.
log on

Paul asks…

Household budgets – funny or not?

Seamus on looking at the household budget complained to his wife on her spending.
“If you cleaned the house yourself that would save on the cleaning lady” he exclaimed.
“You should also learn to cook and that would save on having to go to restaurants all the time.”
“And while we’re at it, you should learn to iron so that we wouldn’t have to pay the ironing lady”
After pondering on his comments for a few moments the wife replied “And if you would learn to f uck, then we could get rid of the gardener.”

richmama answers:

Ha! Ha! What a shock for the husband….

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