Your Questions About Family Budget Planning

Maria asks…

Any budget family holiday plan for one month in london, blackburn and manchester?

planning a visit for a family of 3 to london, blackburn & manchester in june. any good input for sight seeing, where to stay, to enjoy & learn for a family with a15 year old boy & limited budget?

richmama answers:

This same question was asked a few days back.

Ruth asks…

How to market a personal financial planning and family budgeting, investing service on the net?


I want to offer a personal financial planning service for young families, covering analysis of present financial condition, budgeting, investment and insurance planning, retirement planning etc.

Would welcome suggestions on marketing this service on the internet and also other media. My client base will be in India.

Considering social networking sites, groups, blogs, twitter etc.

Marketing costs to be minimal, as this will be a very low fee service.

richmama answers:


Business & Finance

Paul asks…

I am planning a trip for my family this summer to Europe for 7 days. Is a $10,000 budget enough, exc. airfare?

Europe trip, budget, help planning,

richmama answers:

Well… I’m sixteen and going to Europe next year…I know the group will probably be about ten. The total amount for two weeks- all inclusive, is about $4500- thats for airfare, hotels, tours, dining, EVERYTHING. I can suggest going with a tour group (not teenagers though) because it is much cheaper, especially with a native tour guide if you can get one. My sister went last year (she’s eighteen) and really enjoyed it. Even if you don’t with a tour, I would think a $10,000 budget is plenty for seven days. Just remember to get prepaid Visa cards and Euros to pay for everything. (Ask at your bank for those.)

Laura asks…

Where’s an online site that helps plan a family budget?


richmama answers:

There are several good and helpful sites. Planning a family budget is VERY important. This will help you manage, avoid and/or eliminate debt and reduce friction points between spouses. Your immediate goal should be to establish an Emergency fund of at least $1,000 or more. That way you have the cash to pay for little emergencies instead of using credit cards. I hope you find these sites helpful.

Here are a few helpful sites.

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