Your Questions About Internet Safety For Kids

Jenny asks…

are there any sites that teach and quiz kids about internet safety?

okay, so here’s what i am looking for.

a site that will teach kids about internet saftey, and then quiz them about what they learn…..

are there any sorts of things like that?

richmama answers:

For internet saftey I swear by MSNBC’s “To Catch A Predator” web site. It has so much on internet saftey and what parents can do with kids.


Joseph asks…

where can i find classes for policemen or someone lecturing kids on internet safety?

in san jose? maybe a community center? my friends sis is not getting how important it is to not put up pictures and information and lying about her age and other stuff on the internet… We’re lost. Someone please help?

richmama answers:

Call the non-emergency number to your local police department. They can probably help you, or put you in touch with someone that can.

Laura asks…

Internet safety for kids?

What has the government done to prevent cases where the internet has been used inappropriately?

ex. cyber-bullying among children
i’m doing a project for civics on internet safety, and i must write a letter stating two opinions/views and i must say what the government has already done.
i know that there has been a federal law made, but is there anything else?
i HAVE done tons of research, just so you know.
i’m not trying to get you to do it all for me, i’m just trying to see if anyone knows anything that i might not have come across yet.

richmama answers:

Hey MegiZZle…AHAHAHAHAHA! It’s that Jambi thing again. =P
Okay, well, currently, I don’t think the government has done anything specific to prevent cases where the Internet has been used inappropriately, but, you could say that there are police things that go into chat rooms and act like a predator to find and arrest other predators. And the police force is related to the government. I guess. I don’t think the governement has done much because it’s not a public service thing. It’s not something put out and issued by the authorities and so…yeah…why would they take the initiative to start a safety surveillence thing? I don’t know. There wouldn’t really be anything they CAN do to stop cyber bullying, other than to post up ads in the media, portraying children being bullied (like those ones on TV). And that’s just getting the message out. I don’t know, MegiZZle, but yeahh…good luck on that civics thing. Sounds like a drag.

Mary asks…

Computer/Internet safety for kids.?

I have a client that would like the ability to monitor his kids online surfing, chatting and software downloads. Plus control the usage of the computer as well,…games etcetera. He’s not that computer saavy so I would like an all in one package. Any favorites or recommendations? Thank you.

richmama answers:

Internet security?
Step 1: set up a LIMITED account for your child(he/she might not like it)
step 2: get msn parental control
step 3: save the chat on your computer if ur child uses IM
step 4: use mcafee siteadvisor, tell ur child not to go to website that did not have a tick(beside the search page).
Step 5: use norton security to block inappropraite website.
Step 6: if they needa download things, get your consent

anything , IM me at / email me
available 24/7[asif] i will help, even i am onli 14 yrs old….cos i had a hard time fixing viruses from bad website as last time there is no veri good protection from my computer

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