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Mandy asks…

I would like to know the latest cost of living in saudi arabia?

I will be assigned by my company for 3 years assigment in Jeddah, please share with me about
1) local community culture
2) cost of living – accomodation, meal, petrol, shopping..etc

richmama answers:

The culture is an Islamic one, so you have to respect peoples morals there.. But everyone generally is friendly. Jeddah is one if not the oldest city there, There are people from everywhere there. So there is a huge mix of cultures. You cannot mix with females, no dating. But you are free to go out shopping, malls, have a cup of coffee at a coffee bar. The cost of living depends on where you will stay, where your employer puts you if he provides accomidations for you. But its not that bad.. Food/grocery items here are cheaper than in the west.. There are restaurants of every thing you can imagine. American, European, German, French, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian.. Just about every type of cuisine you can think of.. The food stores sell all sorts also, so if you know how to cook a bit, you are fine there too. .. Petrol is cheap here, very cheap. ..
You will be fine..

Joseph asks…

Studying for religion final and im stuck on these, help please?

138. In the few centuries before Jesus’ birth, Judea had become the ____ center of Judaism.
a. religious
b. political
c. both a and b
d. infidel

139. The tenth plague visited upon Pharaoh’s Egypt at the time of Moses resulted in
a. a key religious ritual, called Hanukkah, still celebrated by Jews today
b. the death of all firstborn in Egypt except those protected by God
c. a swarm of locusts that caused a famine and widespread death
d. both a and b

140. The Jewish Law was/is a
a. system of dos and don’ts designed to trip up the Israelites
b. gift that established a relationship of love between God and God’s people
c. was rejected in totality by Jesus
d. is the same thing as the Ten Commandments

141. In 587 BCE, the Babylonians 
a. destroyed Jerusalem, including the Temple
b. defeated the Assyrians in a battle for control of Jerusalem
c. took thousands of the people of Judah into captivity in Babylon
d. both a and c

142. When the Jews returned from Babylon, they were a
a. political nation united under a king
b. religious community under a high priest
c. both a and b
d. community still enslaved, this time by Persia

143. Nearly every lesson taught by Jesus in the Gospels is expressed through
a. riddles and puzzles
b. abstract philosophy and theology
c. the common experiences of his people and their daily life
d. prayer and poetry

144. The ancient Jewish people considered sharing a meal to be
a. something very private and usually only done with family
b. done quickly so as to make time for prayer 
c. a sacred act
d. both a and b

145. After 70 CE the Jews’ central place of worship was the
a. Temple
b. synagogue
c. homes of the elders
d. church

146. The Jewish religious tradition that Jesus grew up with was based heavily on
a. personal prayer
b. communal prayer
c. the sacred Scriptures
d. all of the above

147. John describes Jesus as
a. a baby born in Bethlehem
b. the Word
c. a child growing up in Nazareth
d. pure spirit

148. Matthew’s Gospel begins with a
a. genealogy of Jesus
b. review of John the Baptist’s public preaching
c. description of Jesus’ baptism
d. both b and c

149. The Gospel account of the Magi includes the following information:
a. There were three kings
b. The kings’ names were Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar
c. both a and b
d. none of the above

150. The major point Matthew wished to make in his story of the Magi is that
a. God provided an astronomical miracle to point the Magi in Jesus’ direction
b. generosity is amply rewarded
c. Jesus as the Messiah was accepted by many Gentiles and rejected by many Jews
d. only insiders recognized Jesus as the Messiah

151. The Gospels are
a. eyewitness biographies of Jesus
b. testimonies of faith
c. historical treatises
d. exclusively symbolic in meaning

152. Luke’s Gospel stresses that
a. Jesus is the Messiah expected by the Jews
b. the Good News is for everyone, especially the poor
c. Jesus fulfills all the Old Testament prophecies
d. both a and c

153. Luke’s version of Jesus’ genealogy begins with
a. Abraham and works up to Jesus
b. Adam and works up to Jesus
c. Jesus and works back to Adam
d. none of the above

154. Like Jesus’ first disciples, Christians today are still called to
a. develop a personal relationship of love with God
b. quit their jobs to follow Jesus
c. share Jesus’ mission of proclaiming the Kingdom
d. both a and c

155. The Apostles were
a. the inheritors of the position of high priest from the Jewish tradition
b. commissioned by Jesus to go forth and share the Good News about the Kingdom of God
c. extraordinary people, selected for their unfailing intelligence, bravery, and gentle spirit
d. all of the above

richmama answers:

Go back to your room and read, or get a tutor, jeez

Nancy asks…

Do any of you/your families sit down to the table for breakfast or dinner anymore?

When I was a youngster, our family always sat down to breakfast together and dinner every day. We discussed and shared our lives and talked about everything. It made us as children feel whole and complete. I was just curious as to how many of you still sit down to some meal together. I think a lot of our societal issues would be different if we made time together to do things with our families. What do you do for family time? What do you talk about? Do you listen to your children? Do you find these times are great “teaching moments?” I have lunch once a week with different groups of students and I have found it makes a difference in their attitudes, their responses to homework and their behavior, and they get to talk about subjects they want to know about. I am interested in your honest responses as I’d like to use the information (no names) to support my Masters thesis. Thank you very much Community Members.

richmama answers:

My family and I sit down for dinner every night and talk about our day and different topics. I have always done that since I was a child and I intended it to continue, with my family as well I actually can’t believe alot of people don’t do it anymore.Some people are shocked when I tell them I cook and sit down and have dinner with my family. During the week we don’t sit down for breakfast bc of our schedules, but on the weekend we do. I feel that it is very important to do so.

Daniel asks…

Writing a character description.. help?

I have to write a short story for my english coursework. I have a plot which is that a kenyan girl who is talented at running really wants to go to a race, but her parents need her to look after her younger siblings, cook meals, feed the cow etc. She escapes the night before and wins (and receives money which she shares amongst the community)

I’m finding it difficult to write a character description… please can someone give me an example of a complex character description which i can help mould my own?

richmama answers:

Ok, i love writing so..

*try working it into a story: for her physical build you could say, “Iana loves running. She has strong legs, and is very fast”, or for face, “she worked all day, like most days. At the end, as the sun crowns, she looks up, casts her deep, green eyes onto the horizonand smiles. Her brown, straggly hair falls over her face in clumps and she is breathing heavily.”

woah sorry, i got carried away. Lol

oh and i know it sounds kind of what a kid needs to do but mind maps really help. Draw a rough sketch then write hair next to it. Even if youre a crap drawer, if you write “hair-dark brown, twisted into braids” then draw it, your character will come to life.

Happy writing 🙂

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