Your Questions About Motherhood Maternity

Susan asks…

Motherhood Maternity?

I need some maternity clothes and after searching high and low- I’ve finally find some really nice one I like at Motherhood Maternity Plus. I just signed up to receive their emails- but know that like with lane bryant, it probably takes awhile to receive them. I’m in desperate need of some clothes and will get my stimulus check tomorrow- Anyways- does anyone know of or have any coupon codes for Motherhood Maternity?

richmama answers:

Sorry I couldnt find any lying around my apartment- but I looked for you! When I go there I go right to the clearance racks because they have some good deals there! They even give you a free gift the first time you are there.

Lizzie asks…

What size does medium equal in pants from Motherhood maternity?

My friend has some maternity clothes and I don’t want her to send them if they won’t fit. Thanks so much!

richmama answers:

They say it’s the same size but with both of my pregnancies I seem to be a size smaller in maternity clothes.

George asks…

are Motherhood Maternity OUTLETS worth it?

I need a special occasion maternity dress – there is a Motherhood maternity store at a mall about 20 minutes away. There is also Motherhood OUTLET about 40 minutes away. If you’ve ever been to an outlet, please tell me whether you thought it was worth it, compared to the regular motherhood stores at the mall. thanks!

richmama answers:

Only if you wear plus size clothing. Otherwise they aren’t much different then any other motherhood maternity store. And the prices are about the same.

James asks…

I need stylish maternity clothes. Please, no Motherhood Maternity and stores like that! Stylish!?

I’m talkin what’s in style now, with a maternity fit. Skinny jeans (designer), asymmetric tops, etc. The stars always look so hot when they are pregnant. Where can an everyday woman find trendy maternity clothes? I don’t like the pastel, flowery, boring colored maternity clothes you find at the franchise maternity stores like Motherhood Maternity. Please help.

richmama answers:

Most normal stores have maternity ranges in their larger stores or online.. Try checking them out.

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