Your Questions About Reading Pictures Clip Art

Mary asks…

Where can I find a precious moments clip art and or picture?

Since it’s Christmastime I was looking for some pictures to display around the house. I saw a window cling picture of precious moments that I loved! It was a blond haired girl and a brown haired boy they were decorating the Christmas tree. The little girl put the star over his head. And the caption read “you’re my favorite star” Please help me find this clip art!

richmama answers:

I tried finding pictures for it but couldn’t. )=
Here are some other christmas precious moments pictures though!


Linda asks…

When I try to use clip art from Word or PowerPoint an error code pops up and it shuts down.?

I tried to copy and paste a picture into word. Now when I try to use clip art in Word or PowerPoint a pop-up box reads “Clip Organizer cannot complete the operation: Error Code 0X800C0008. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Please don’t say to uninstall and reinstall. I have lots of papers and information in these program and cannot lose it.

richmama answers:

Im just throwing this out there cause it worked for me. However you can use firefox!

Daniel asks…

Microsoft Word Clip Art?

I just installed Microsoft Office 2003 a few weeks ago but never got to try it out until today. I went into Microsoft Word and inserted some clip art pictures. Then, I pressed print but nothing came out except for a blank sheet of paper. I tried writing something on the document but only the words came out instead of the pictures. My ink jet is full and when I printed pictures from a website it worked fine with color. I read in the Internet to change the settings, so I went to tools, options and checked print drawing objects but it still wouldn’t work. My sister has the same Microsoft Office 2003 installed in her computer and the pictures worked out fine. Is there something wrong with my Microsoft clip art pictures?

richmama answers:

Hi Julia,

Are you using the “Insert” command to put your clip art in your document? You can’t drag and drop.

On the tool bar select “Insert” then “Clip Art” and select a picture.


Ken asks…

How to make a clip art chart on Word?

Well im hosting a party and one of the games is a scavenger hunt, but i can’t put words down because the kids can’t read well yet so i thought pictures would be easier, how do i make a chart and put clip art inside?

richmama answers:

It would be alot easier to use google images, and you should create a chart by doing this:

Go to view: toolbars and choose the drawing toolbar

Then, create the lines for this chart by creating them ( its going to be in the drawing bar)

Copy and paste pictures:)))

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