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Joseph asks…

Internet Racism: The Safety & Cowardice?

Obviously I am black, so racists have a field day…

My question is why do all people, not only whites, take to internet racism, gaming online racism, yet won’t attempt it in their wildest dreams in the real world?

I’ve been around Y!A for a while, and now especially during the World Cup, racists are frolicking in their generalized bigotry. Is it the anonymity, or the safety which assures that they can make these statements, log off and return to their measly, and cowardly lives without the fears of repurcussions? Or is it something smaller? As is in they’re suffering from dellusions of grandeur, or are suffering from an inferiority complex which causes them to lash out at anyone they perceive as is threat to themselves — different races?

I’d love to hear everyones opinion in this, racists included.

richmama answers:

They know you cant punch them through their computer screen. If they cant say it to your face, they a COWARD!

Jenny asks…

Has anyone played ‘Missing’ for internet safety?

Apparently, it’s a true story about Zack Taylor, a 14 year old computer genius from Vancouver who talked to this guy ‘Fantasma’, an internet predator, and got kidnapped and brought across the border to the USA.
Is it really true, or am I being lied to?
I can’t find anything on it online except for information on the game, but nothing on the actual case.

richmama answers:

Sit down. It’s a hoax.

David asks…

Any communication majors out there?

Hello all, and thanks for reading my question. I have to design a communication survey for my Communication Research Methods class. We’re graded on originality, so I don’t want to use the same boring topics like violence in video games, internet safety, or the effects of social networking sites. Anyone have a fresh, interesting idea for a communication survey? I’m not asking anyone to do my work for me, just looking for some new perspectives! Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

richmama answers:

A good survey question would be whether “Communications” is a serious academic subject and whether Communications departments in universities should be shut down.

Daniel asks…

How can the Internet be used to help others?

I’m guessing that, if you’re a regular here in the Computers & Internet section, you have a fair amount of knowledge about using a computer and spend a fair amount of time on the ‘net. You probably also like helping others. If so, please check out our forum at (there’s little to see for now, but it’s up to you and us to change that) and contribute with your ideas for helping others using the Internet by registering and posting. All comments/suggestions/questions are welcome.

Some of the ideas I’ve got:

* facilitating the flow of information – including answering questions here in Yahoo! Answers, creating and improving Wikipedia articles, etc.
* Internet safety
* distributed computing – for non-commercial projects such as BOINC, Folding@home, etc.
* free file storage and distribution – via P2P (peer-to-peer)
* “Browse and Donate” – directing ad revenues to good causes through common Internet activities such as sending e-mails, searching the Internet, playing games and clicking links
* promoting freeware/open source
* organizing local (charitable, environmental, etc.) activities


To make this an actual question:
What else do you think would be a good idea in line with the 7 listed above?
The most useful answer will get Best Answer and me as a fan, if the answerer wants it.

Looking forward to your input 🙂

richmama answers:

There are lots of causes online which you can support through money and through speech. *Just one* good source for *finding out* about them is twitter. There, you can get twibbons (follow them) to add to your avatar for various causes, and you can get into the forum to find other causes – they post, especially on Thursdays, messages for causes, which you can “retweet” to spread the word. Another worthwhile organization to support is EFF ( which supports electronic freedom and privacy. Another is, which helps bring water to the 1 in 8 folks in the world who don’t have fresh water to drink. Yet another is which promotes Fair Trade (non-slave-labor goods). Another is http:// which deals with world climate change. There are too many good causes to mention here. Just seek and ye shall find!

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