Your Questions About Internet Safety Videos

Mandy asks…

is it safe to include my full name on a youtube video?? INTERNET SAFETY?

ok well i made this video and i havn’t put it up on youtube yet but basically its me giving a message to J.B nd the only thing i’m worried about is that it includes my twitter name which includes my first and last name. is it ok to put it up on the internet??? thank you, all answers will be taken on board xxx

richmama answers:

If you don’t want people knowing who you are, then I wouldn’t suggest that you include your full name in a YouTube video.

However, if your name is already on your Twitter profile and it isn’t private, your full name is already on the Internet.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find free funny video clips about safety on the internet?

richmama answers:


Charles asks…

On “The Safe Side: Internet Safety” DVD, did the actor playing the dad lose part of a finger during production?

I figure no one will know this but I was watching it with my kids and at the end of the music video I noticed the actor (David Born) has a short first finger on his left hand. I looked back through the rest of the video and he first finger is normal length (on both hands too just to make sure the film wasn’t flipped) throughout the rest of the show. I can’t find anything about it online. Just curious.

richmama answers:


Nancy asks…

whats a good video to show 9 and 10 years olds about Internet safety?

richmama answers:

Any of these…


Personally the second was my favourite.

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