Your Questions About Family Dinners

Richard asks…

Family Dinners?

Who is most disruptive at the big family dinner: two brothers who see things differently regarding religious beliefs, or a third brother who tries to pit the other two against each other by renewing old arguments?
If a neighbor, rather than a brother, drops in and tries to do the same thing, what can the brothers do?


richmama answers:

If there is an impasse of opinions, then ban the topic from the dinner table.

When a guest shows up, and the question is asked, politely inform him that the subject is not allowed for discussion and nip it in the bud quickly.

Sandra asks…

How are family dinners beneficial for parents?

I know that having family dinners will give children a sense of belonging and support; but for parents, how are family dinners beneficial? What positive messages do parents receive from dinners?

richmama answers:

Spending time with children.talking to them.

Thomas asks…

How long are your family dinners?

I hear that the average family dinner is about 45 minutes. How long are your family dinners? And how many people are in your family?

richmama answers:

I’ve never had a family dinner…



Chris asks…

Family dinners…?

When I was having dinner with my significant other and his parents, I noticed it was more of a two way conversation between my significant other and his mother. They were just talking to eachother and not really giving me eye contact or trying to include me in the conversation.

Anyone else have this problem?
I see him maybe 2 times a week
he lives at home so they see eachother everyday

richmama answers:

They are just bad mannered pigs, you sure you want to stay with this idiot?

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