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Jenny asks…

I’m about to go on a trip. Like, a 10 hour drive. How to stay unbored?

I could be in a big bus or I could be in a van w/9 people! Im hoping i can be on a bus.
It’s a trip w/my youth group and im so excited, i need to stay un-bored lol. I’ve got a few books i can probably read but
what i need is-
-websites to download music (not iTunes or Amazon i already know about them and i dont want to spend that much money, i might get a few)
-things that you like to do on road trips
-ideas ideas ideas!!

richmama answers:

Well for a website you can get free music its You get the URL from a youtube video & then convert it to mp3 and then on itunes libery you can convert it to that. (: & i doesnt give you a virus. The only problem is that you can only do 5 a day..

You can take a buncha pictures on the ride, goof off w/ friends, bring magazines, if you have like a portable game thing – ds or gameboy – you can play some games ( i know its kiddish but when your bored its kinda funn) haha orr like if you have an ipod touch then free app games, umm idk if you have a portable DVD player then bring that w/ a buncha movies, or like bring a laptop just to play some games that you have on it? Hahah i dont knoww but i hope it helped!!

Helen asks…

best software , i want to use throughout my life?

so guys , with the help of my two years experience i have selected some software and i want to stick to them through out my life ,please help me to decide and please suggest me something that your using and happy!!!!!
1]speech to text -Nuance – Dragon – Dragon NaturallySpeaking ,windows 7 voice recognition is no good.
2]text to speech -Natural Reader
3]2d animation -toon boom animate ,Photoshop,corel draw
4]typing -typing master pro
5]mind mapping software – free plane [it works with ubuntu and windows 7]
6]torrent-micro torrent and vuze
7]multimedia itunes,vlc, picasa
8]office work-ms office[ open office is good but in ubuntu 11.04 they have provided libre office so bye to both of them]
9]screeen recording–{{{{hyper cam -please suggest any freeware for both win 7 and ubuntu]
10}email client -mozilla firebird [[works with ubuntu and windows with no issue]

other-internet download manager,outpost firewall,peerblock,firefox,magic disk,image burn,winrar,nitro pdf reader,format factory,flstudio,

so i am not going to test anything new , i will stick to them

are their better options available ,please suggest

os-windows 7 and ubuntu[very nice]

thank for reading question and sorry for bad english
please suggest me any software or audio book which will help me to improve my English

well and for those who read this question some useful stuff i have encountered [e books and audio books]
dale Carnegie –how to win friends and influence people,warren buffets secret of management,miracle of self discipline ,these books and apps have changed my life ]]

so please give me suggestions
thanks ,

richmama answers:

Stick with µTorrent for your BitTorrent client. Vuze went down hill when it changed from Azureus to Vuze and got all bloated.

Mandy asks…

who sounds like the cooler person?

sorry its really long
u dont have to read the whole thing but make sure you read the last parts and at least half of it

basktbAllbug177 (4:57:51 PM): i was sick yesterday :[
basktbAllbug177 (4:57:54 PM): and hi
TropicalPop7317 (4:58:16 PM): ah
basktbAllbug177 (4:58:30 PM): yea
TropicalPop7317 (4:59:48 PM): lol for a facebook quiz thing jordan pruit is in the music quiz
basktbAllbug177 (5:00:05 PM): wait wat?
TropicalPop7317 (5:00:15 PM): some facebook thing
basktbAllbug177 (5:01:19 PM): people at my school are getting creepier every day
basktbAllbug177 (5:01:28 PM): its kind of scary now
TropicalPop7317 (5:01:32 PM): how
basktbAllbug177 (5:01:43 PM): Pound my knuckles hard against the floor.
My head against the wall.
But I did this to myself.
Assume it’s just not worth getting back up
So I’ll blame it on bad luck and I’ll shake responsibility.

basktbAllbug177 (5:01:54 PM): thats somebodys away message
TropicalPop7317 (5:01:55 PM): lol
basktbAllbug177 (5:01:59 PM): lol i know
TropicalPop7317 (5:02:17 PM): imn doing this facebok quiz when im done ill give it to u its funny
basktbAllbug177 (5:02:28 PM): ok
basktbAllbug177 (5:02:34 PM): ROFL
basktbAllbug177 (5:02:46 PM): the school sent a recording again
TropicalPop7317 (5:02:52 PM): lol
basktbAllbug177 (5:03:21 PM): hi, your child *TRISTON* was not in school today and were sending a notification of *TRISTONS* absense lol
TropicalPop7317 (5:03:31 PM): lol
basktbAllbug177 (5:03:53 PM): its funny how its a recording and then it pauses and a real persons voice says triston
basktbAllbug177 (5:03:56 PM): lol
TropicalPop7317 (5:04:01 PM): lol
basktbAllbug177 (5:04:29 PM): wat do u even do on face book???
TropicalPop7317 (5:05:03 PM): its like u find ppl u no and add them and u can do a bunch of stuff and IM them from it n stuff
TropicalPop7317 (5:05:26 PM): k heres the rules–RULES:
1. Put your iTunes on “shuffle”.
2. For each question, skip to the next song to get your answer. You must use the title of that song as your answer, no matter how silly it may sound.
3. Tag to at least 10 friends who might enjoy doing this, as well as the person who tagged you.
4. Tag someone you think has good music on his/her iPod
5. Tag someone whose music you dunno about

TropicalPop7317 (5:05:37 PM): heres my answers
TropicalPop7317 (5:05:45 PM): 1. What would you say if someone were to say, “Is this o.k.?”
“let it rock” kevin rudolf

TropicalPop7317 (5:06:06 PM): . What do you like in a guy / girl?
“Circus” brittany spears

basktbAllbug177 (5:06:07 PM): o i thought it was for like buisness people
TropicalPop7317 (5:06:11 PM): 3. How do you feel today?
“just Dance” lady gaga

basktbAllbug177 (5:06:16 PM): lol
TropicalPop7317 (5:06:27 PM): 4. What is your life’s purpose?
“I dont think about it” emily osment

TropicalPop7317 (5:06:33 PM): lol thats funny
basktbAllbug177 (5:06:37 PM): lol that would actually made sense
basktbAllbug177 (5:06:42 PM): *one
TropicalPop7317 (5:06:47 PM): 5. What is your motto?
“untouched” the veronicas
6. What do your friends think of you?
“Xo’ fall out boy
TropicalPop7317 (5:06:58 PM): 7. What do you think of your parents?
“SOS” jonas brothers

8. What do you often think about?
“whatever u like” ti

basktbAllbug177 (5:07:02 PM): lol
TropicalPop7317 (5:07:13 PM): 10. What do you think of your best friend? “nine in the afternoon” panic at the disco
What do you think of the person you like
“northern downpour” panic at the disco

TropicalPop7317 (5:07:25 PM): 12. What is your life story?
“live your life” ti

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
“la la land” demi lovato

basktbAllbug177 (5:07:33 PM): rofl!!
TropicalPop73317 (5:07:34 PM): 14. What comes to mind when you see the person you like?
“7 things” miley cyrus
15. What do your parents think of you?
“that green gentleman” panic at the disco

basktbAllbug177 (5:07:49 PM): lol that 1s funny
TropicalPop7317 (5:07:54 PM): 16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
“i write sins not tragedies” panic at the disco ROFL

17. What will they play at your funeral?
“wake up america” miley cyrus LOL

basktbAllbug177 (5:07:54 PM): the that green gentleman one
TropicalPop7317 (5:08:07 PM): I no i realized that 2 lol
TropicalPop7317 (5:08:16 PM): 18. What is your hobby / interest?
“the great escape” boys like girls

19. What do you think of your friends?
“GNO” miley cyrus

basktbAllbug177 (5:08:25 PM): rofl
TropicalPop7317 (5:08:29 PM): 20. What is the worst that could happen?
“bottom of the ocean” miley cyrus

21. How will you die?
“do it well” jlo

TropicalPop7317 (5:08:41 PM): 22. What is the one thing you regret most “about u now” miranda cosgrove”
23. What makes you laugh?
“lets dance” miley cyrus

TropicalPop7317 (5:08:51 PM): 24. What makes you cry?
“dance dance” fall out boy

25. Will you ever get married?
“1 2 step” ciara
26. What scares you the most?
“clear” miley cyrus

thats the other part its shorter and has more detail

richmama answers:

Honestly I would say neither but everyone has different ideas about being COOL

Linda asks…

Stolen iPod Touch – What should I do?

So first off, I don’t want to hear any BS about how it’s my fault. I already read a lot of that criticism.

Here’s the story:
I was at another school during school (it’s this program where you go to another school during real school) and I was about 5 feet away from my desk talking to someone. (We’re allowed to use iPods and all that).
At 10 AM, my iPod was stolen while it was charging. Everyone in the class pretty much knew who it was. It was this one guy and his bus leaves at 10 AM and there are certain things leading to why it would be him, such as:
1) He once offered my cousin’s friend an iPod in exchange for drugs. I don’t know if my cousin’s friend really had the drugs but we know that the guy who stole my iPod was stealing from others.
2) He once tried to steal another iPod from the SAME class that I’m in. He got in trouble with the dean but he never got a consequence.
3) He wanders around the school, never doing any work.
4) He knows I had an iPod Touch, and that I covered it under my book and my backpack when I was talking to someone.

Even though most of this is true, I’m not sure the school will do anything. I heard that Apple can track where an iPod is connected when iTunes is open, and you must provide the serial number in order to do that.

If anyone has another method that they have tried or know that works then I would appreciate it. I’d love to give 10 points for each answer but sadly, I can’t. Thanks for any help/support/cheering up.
thanks all for the encouragement and kindness. i would never beat up a person though haha. heres a recent update on whats happened and i am SO glad:
“The student you are referring to was still at *deleted* after 1 pm and was caught by our principal smoking in a car in the parking lot. He is being punished for this offense. The principal asked me about him and I told him about the iPod and my belief that he took it. He was reported to his home school as well. I believe he will also receive some kind of punishment by his home school. The iPod was not found on his person but every effort will be made to find it. He may have sold it to another student. I’m not sure. He will most likely receive a suspension or detention from his home school for all of these offenses. *my cousin’s friend* doesn’t need to be involved at all at this point. Let me know the cost of the iPod and I could reimburse you the cost of it. Have a good weekend.”

richmama answers:

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that your iPod Touch was stolen.

I’m also sorry to tell you that Apple does not track stolen iPods. You can do some more research on your own, but this is what I’ve concluded.

I don’t know how much pull you have with the school officials or how much of a trouble maker this guy who stole your ipod is, but I would still report this to the school ASAP and give them the name of the guy.

If somebody actually saw him do it, since you say that everyone in the class pretty much knows who it is, then you should bring some of those witnesses in and have them talk to school officials.

Also, keep asking people if they know who stole your ipod. The more that people know about this stolen ipod, the better of a chance you have of hearing back from somebody about this.

If this guy is a druggie, chances are he will sell the iPod like he’s tried to do in the past to get money for it so he can buy drugs.

The smartest thing to do in my opinion, would be to have a friend or somebody that the thief does not know is related to you go up to the thief and ask him if he has any good deals or is interested in selling something. (This needs to be done very carefully and planned out) If the thief says that he has an ipod and wants to sell it, you can have the guy pay him how much he wants for it and then get the ipod back. You can film or take pictures of this and use that as evidence. It sounds childish, but it’s a good idea. Or as soon as the thief takes his ipod out to sell, you can jump him with a bunch of friends and beat his ass.

It would be nice if your ipod has some sort of mark on it or some way that only you could distinguish it as yours.

Good luck.

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