Your Questions About Kids Reading Books

richmama answers:

I don’t mind 0bomber reading kids books
Everyone has to start someplace

Thomas asks…

What is name of childhood disorder where kids are obsessed with reading, books, words?

A friend has a child who demonstrates some autism like qualities but she is almost savant with letters, books and reading. I remember seeing a news magazine show with a story about others like that years ago. I want to say the name begins with alpha…

richmama answers:

Could it be hyperlexia? I just googled “reading savant” and this site came up . Hope it helps!

Richard asks…

Can anyone name the book series described in the details listed? It was reading books for kids in early 90s.?

When I was a child, working on reading comprehension, the school I attended in the south of Britain had a series of books that gradually got harder as you progressed. The series was colorfully illustrated and had featured blue men that were dressed in kilts and other Scottish garb. They lived in a valley and went about daily chores or adventures. As the series got to the end, some of the characters were captured by a beast that lived in a cave above the valley and were shackled to the cave walls. I think I got the details relitively close, but some stuff may be a tad off (it’s been 14 years since I’ve seen the books at least). Do you have any idea what the series is called? I’d really love to try and find copies or images from them.

richmama answers:

Most schools have their own website and contact addresses even emails, why not try and see if your school has a site and email them its a longshot but the member of admin who gets it may be helpful and be able to advise you. I used to work in a school and we often helped people out with all sorts of questions.

David asks…

i have old kids reading books, does anyone know what i can do with these?

is there an organization i can donate them to or sell them to???

richmama answers:

You can try selling them on ebay, amazon, etc. You could also bring them to a used book store, although they usually just give you store credit and they’re picky about what they take. The last option is to donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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