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Nancy asks…

How can I keep my camera from getting wet in the snow?

Hey, thanks for reading this. I really want to take some pictures in the snow, and the snow is still falling. I’m just wondering, do any of you have a special device for keeping your camera dry in the snow? Thanks.

richmama answers:

Plastic bag. Hole for lens.
Mine’s a dslr and I use an elastic band to keep it tight around the lens.

When you bring it into the house put the camera in a cold room…the condensation can cause damage, too.

Chris asks…

Is it rare in Houston, TX NO,LA and S. MS to get snow? ?

I seen pictures and read they got snow down south!

How rare is that?

richmama answers:

Rare is probably too strong of a word, uncommon might be better. I was born and raised on the MS Coast, save for a few years in north MS and TN, and we do get snow here on the coast about once every 10 to 12 years. We only get a few inches, like right now, and directly on the water it’s usually just flurries that don’t stick – you’d have to go about a mile inland to see it actually on the ground. And it’s always gone in 1 to 3 days.

It’s actually a bit funny to me that the news is reporting this as if it hasn’t happened in 100 years. It has snowed here 3 times that I recall for sure in the last 20 years, and my mom, who is in her 50’s, remembers it happening when she was growing up too -in the Florida panhandle and here on the MS coast.

I can’t speak for Texas though.

Lizzie asks…

Help pictures needed read more please?

I really need to find a couple of pictures but it needs to be specific I want pictures of a beautiful girl blonde hair not too light not too dark , she must have light blue eyes and she must a snow white skin (really pale) I need them for a photograph project ha very weird project but yes so if anyone can help in any way I will be very appreciative. 10 points best photographs.

richmama answers:

Here, try this Polyvore site:

Blondes up to your standards there.

James asks…

Any one know the value of old Disney Snow White puzzles?

I have this really old Snow White puzzle and I would love to know if it is of any value. The front of the box reads “Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Picture Puzzle, Copyright 1938 by Walt Disney Enterprises, Hollywood, Calif. Whitman Publishing Company. Made in U.S.A., No. 3054. 2 large puzzles in this box” The picture on the front is of Snow White clapping while the dwarfs play instruments. I have checked what seems like a million web sites that have Disney stuff and have never come across this puzzle. I’d appreciate and information or even if you can lead me to someone who may be able to help. In advance, thanks for your help.

richmama answers:

I would search completed listings on ebay. They keep track of what sells and for how much. This will give you a general idea of what it could sell for.

Or, there are Disney collector books. They may be on line or at a library.

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