Your Questions About How To Save Money On Food

Helen asks…

How can I save money on food in Melbourne? Are there any food outlet stores that sell cheap, good quality food

I need to save money on food. I feed a family of five and it’s just SO expensive to feed them now that prices have risen. Any hints on cheap meals to prepare would be good too. Thanks

richmama answers:

Hi. You should shop at Aldi, it’s cheaper than Coles or Safeway. Google saying “home-made easy meals”. I hope everything works out okay.

Sorry this isn’t very helpful….

Jenny asks…

What is a good way, to save money when food shopping?

I am 18 years old, and sometimes I do go food shopping for myself. I want to see, if anyone can give me ideas on how to save money, when food shopping.

richmama answers:


Here are tips on how you can save money for your groceries:

Make sure you aren’t hungry before you go to the Grocery Store – studies have shown that shoppers tend to buy more in the grocery stores when they are hungry. This is the reason why some grocery shops have their bakery along the entrance of the store.

The smell of the freshly baked breads and cakes could really make you hungry. And this could make you shop and spend more than what you intended.

The best way to handle this is to make sure your stomach is not empty, if no food can be taken; drink at least a glass or two of water. Shopping when you’re full will surely help you combat the temptations of the mouth-watering smells inside the grocery store.

Try to look up and down on the shelves – make sure that you search the higher and lower shelves. The more expensive brands are normally located on the shelves on your chest level. The cheaper or generic brands are either located below or higher than your average sight.

Shop alone – try to find time to go to the grocery store by yourself. When you ask for helpers, they tend to increase your bill.

Go to the store at the early time of the day – when you go to the grocery store early in the morning, you tend to finish with your list a little faster, thus avoiding the need to roam around and get attracted to unnecessary expenses.

Shop when you are in a good mood – when you shop and you feel tired, you tend to buy more sweets, chocolates and high-carbohydrates. And when you are mad, you tend to buy more junk food.

Don’t buy non-grocery items – grocery shops normally sell some non-grocery items like contact lens and painkillers. These products normally cost more at the grocery stores.

Always bring your calculator – make sure to shop with your calculator. In this way, you can easily compute how much you save when buying in-packs or individually wrapped items.

Check your receipts every after shopping, mistakes can happen no matter how much you avoid them. Remember that every cent counts.

Buy foods that are fresh, cheap and seasoned food. With fewer dealers involved, the cheaper, fresher and better quality of food that you can get for your family.

Make sure to double check the weighs of the pre-packed goodies that you buy. Sometimes they lack a little pound or weigh less than what they normally should. Make it a point that you get all your hard-earned money’s worth.

When you specifically went to your favorite grocery shop for a definite item on sale and suddenly knowing that it’s no longer available. Make sure that you make a rain check and ask for the next stocks to arrive. So that you’ll be early the next time the stocks reach the store.

Check the ends and edges of the grocery store. More often than not, the healthy and fresher which are less processed foods are located at the ends of the grocery shops. Fruits, vegetables, Dairy products and meats are examples of these.

Avoid walking thru the main areas, since these regions are normally where the products are very expensive and cost more.

It’s important to focus on the price of the item. Make sure to check the other brands to be certain of getting the best deal. Also, buy only what you need. Sometimes, you get deceived when you get to buy things that are on sale even if you don’t need them. If this happens, you didn’t get the bargain no matter how cheap it seemed.

Don’t be mislead with the brilliant colored packaging of the grocery shops. They normally pack certain items simply to attract. Focus on your list and buy things that you need.

Good luck and hope that helps!

Take care


Thomas asks…

How can I save money with food?

would like to eat more healthy and spend less on food…college student on a very tight budget here and I have my last credit card payment to pay off, about $500.00, not too bad but its a lot of money when you’re going to college and aren’t a professional with a salary…

anyway how can I save money with food?
thanks a bunch =)

richmama answers:

I am at college and i used to spend too much money on food. The trick is to make a meal plan of what you are going to eat through out the week or until you next go food shopping.
If you have a meal plan you can buy things in bulk, like eg.onions. Which are used in almost every recipe. Also mince meat is a cheap meat and can be used for loads of different meals and it fills you up.
Dont buy ready meals they are usually quite expensive and small portions. Buy seasonal vegetables as they will be cheaper to buy eg. Apples, pears and strawberrys are in season now.

Buy big packs or pasta and rice to boil, they are cheaper than small packs.
Stick to shops own brands rather than big expensive brands.
Look out for offers such as buy one get one free or 2 for 1. And freeze the other one if u are not going to use it right away.

If you think you made too many portions and Rather than throwing left overs away, freeze it ! This way you dont get bored of eating the same everday and uve got food portioned in your freezer for another day.

Examples of cheap meals:
spaghetti bolognese
cottage pie
chick stir fry. With noodles or rice.
Chicken curry with rice.
Jello and fruit
backet potatoe and tuna mayo, or cheese, or mince
chilli con carne
natural joghurt and fruit

Robert asks…

How do I save money on food?

How do i save money on food?My house is really poor and i decided i should save money by cooking my own food.Help for how to cook cheap food?

richmama answers:

Eat for a few days, and fast for another few days ….

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