Your Questions About Display Kids Pictures

David asks…

sending kids school pictures to estranged in laws?

My MIL, FIL, SIL and BIL live in the same house. The only one we talk to and see is my MIL. Everyone else blames us for made up stuff, refuses to accept invites to our house to see us or our kids, etc etc.
Would you send them school pictures of the kids?
Problem is I want to send them to my MIL, but, I feel uncomfortable having pictures of the kids displayed in front of the angry people who show animosity towards us.

richmama answers:

Send them to her. If you love her get over the fact that she may hang it in the house. It her house and most likely she will want everyone to be proud of her grandkids.

Donald asks…

What would you do if you found out someone stole your kids pictures off your facebook?

What would you do if you found out someone you don’t know stole your kids pics off your facebook and put them on theirs claiming them to be their kids? My sister came across my 3 yr old daughters pictures on someone elses facebook today. This woman added my sister claiming to be me as well as some other friends of mine and had my display picture as hers! I have my settings blocked where you can’t see my profile at all unless I am friends with you, but this is starting to get to me. I’ve contacted Facebook and made a complaint but this person is adding all my friends and claiming to be me..has anything like this happened to you before?

richmama answers:

I know how you’re feeling. I had a user steal a picture of my daughters and they have been using it as their icon on this site claiming to have triplets. I hate it. I have reported her questions and this issue, but still no resolve. It just bugs me every time I see it.

You took the right steps in making a complaint and I hope they can solve the issue. I would just keep repeatedly messaging this person giving them what for. Have your sister do the same. Be persistent. I just don’t understand how somebody could do this to a mother.

Sharon asks…

Does anyone have a pattern for a wallhanging to display kids art projects?

I have seen these in mags but would like to make some as gifts. The mag pictures seem to have pockets on the front that you can slide the art into and they are difft sized pics.

richmama answers:

Here is one method –

This one uses clear vinyl to make pockets on a pillow, but with the basics given, you could improvise into a wall-hanging. –

Steven asks…

My girlfriend uploaded pictures of my kids onto a chat site in their school uniform!?

Me and my girlfriend split some 12 months ago. She still lives in the house and we are joint owners. I went on to faceparty and she was contacting one of my friends and other men. Her profile displayed pictures of my children aged 5 and 7 with their school uniforms on and the location of the school. I was horrified and asked to remove them. I am at a loss as to how she could be so stupid ! Any input would be welcomed as it made me feel ill. We were together 15 years and I thought she had more sense !
She is also a trainee classroom assistant and subsequently has tried to turn this round on me by saying I am harrassing her by asking her to remove pitures. Help !

richmama answers:

Wow that is crazy…i uploaded pics of my kids and husband onto myspace about 8 months ago.
I clearly wrote on my profile that i was married and only accepted women friends.
I added a few women frinds and one day one of the women on my list had suddenly changed to a mans profile.
To cut a long story short my kids pics had been taken by this man and placed on a porn site which the guy sent a link to.
He stole all my pics off myspace…sent me death threats via myspace and said he knew where i lived etc.
I contacted myspace but they never got back to me so in the end i called the police and he was nicked.

So now i don’t trust any website with any pics

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