Your Questions About Live Life In French

Lisa asks…

How do you say Live Life in french?

richmama answers:

Vivre la vie

Paul asks…

How to spell “Live Life” in French?

Just wondering how one would spell “Live Lifein French, and is like ” I want to live life

richmama answers:

I want to live life: je veux vivre,
another option is je veux vivre ma vie, but in French it’s live my life

Thomas asks…

‘Search for life to live life’ in French?

How do you say this in French?
I was watching That 70’s Show and Kitty’s sister told her this quote in French.
Ahh thank you, so very much (:

richmama answers:

Here you go!

PAULA: Oh, oh, Kitty. What are sisters for, huh? I’ll talk to you in a couple of days. And you remember what I said: “Cherchez la vie pour vivre la vie!”


Ruth asks…

How do you say live the life in french?


richmama answers:

Vie la vie ! Lol

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