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Steven asks…

Which is better – Wii Fit, Fitness Coach, Family Trainer: Outdoor Challenge, or EA Sports Active?

richmama answers:

Wii Fit, is the best trainer, and probably the best to start with. If Wii Fit can’t motivate you then none of the others will. Hopefully the followup title will launch later this year.

My Fitness Coach: This is more like having a personalized DVD fitness video. To get the most out of this title you’ll need other equipment such as a step, balance ball, dumbbells, heart rate monitor. Every workout is different, and can range from 15mins to 75mins (in multiples of 15mins), and can have a different emphasis, you get to choose. You can also up the difficulty with ease. Oh and it’s cheap! I really hope UbiSoft are working on a follow up, I’d certainly buy it.

Family Trainer: For training it’s not in the same league as Wii Fit or My Fitness Coach. It is however great fun, and you can play vs another player on some of the games. Don’t get me wrong you can work up a sweat using this, and it is great fun for all the family, but it’s not a serious training and fitness program.

EA Sports Active: Not released yet, so I can’t really say. I have my copy pre-ordered though.

Jillian-Michaels-Fitness-Ultimatum-2009: Apparently this is one to avoid. I don’t have this, but all the reviews basically say it stinks!

If you can afford it, I’d get both Wii Fit and My Fitness Coach(cheapie), the variety will be welcome.

Carol asks…

Family attitudes towards health and fitness?

What I’m wondering: Does anyone else have a family that is not only unsupported of your keeping yourself fit, but is at times downright hostile toward the idea of keeping fit and healthy?

Examples if possible please!
Freedom – that’s a part of the problem they are already, umm overweight! My brother, has this thing, he’s extremely competitive, he has to be better than me at everything he does. I’s amusing that he’s absolutely positive he’s naturally fitter than me, despite the extra 3 to 4 stone he’s carrying.

richmama answers:

You should keep telling them that they are gonna get fat!!

Mark asks…

Are there any fitness programs in Canada for both parents and children to get fit together?

I’m not necessarily just talking about “mommy and me” type yoga classes or anything like that (but it would be helpful if anybody knows of those as well.) I’m thinking more in the style of a fun workout class for the whole family. I live in the Toronto, Ontario area so places in that area would be great, but as long as the place offers programs in Canada I wanna know about it 😀 Thanks so much!

richmama answers:

Check out your local YMCA.. They have all kinds of actives for you and your family if you like. Like yoga, cardio strength, total body tone, swimming, karate, Basket-Ball, and much much more.
Just go to google and type in ( your city ) YMCA and it give you the exact location near you.
Im from Hamilton Ontario, so I’ll give you a web-site to visit just in case; and it give you more of an idea of what kind of programs they have for you.

George asks…

How do you stay on a diet plan when family members are sabotaging it?

I’m trying to get fit, but certain family members are trying to sabotage it.
How can I stay focused on my diet and fitness plan without getting in fights with them about it?
Also, does anyone know of any good ways to help with self control?

richmama answers:

Move to another state,

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