Your Questions About Mathis Brothers

Chris asks…

Did anyone ever her about the guy from mathis brothers that got a hampter stuck in his ass??

richmama answers:

. Ya, NEVER happened!
Guys know better than to stick anything with claws and teeth up their azz!

Ruth asks…

Has anyone else had a bad experience with Mathis Brothers Furniture in OKC, OK?

I recently had a very bad expereince with this company when I bought a bed. They didn’t set it up correctly and I’ve been trying for the past 2 weeks to get them to come back out and do it right. They sent someone out but he didn’t have the right parts either… so now they said that they are going to charge me for each visit at $68 each time. I tried to speak to a manager because it should be their responsibility to set it up correctly, I paid over $2000.00!! The manager was exteremely rude and told me to leave the store and the cops were on the way. I never raised my voice or cursed!! I just want it done right. I did leave and I was escorted out to my car by him and another guy. They stood behind my car and wrote my tag number down. I’ve never been treated like this!! I threatened that I was going to call the news stations and he said they give so much money to the community nobody will listen… Any suggestions?? Or anyone had a bad expereince with this company??

richmama answers:

WOW I own a furniture store and would never treat a customer like that

while some customers are hard to please and some you can never please It ALWAYS pays to be polite .

Here are some suggestions to try

if you paid by credit card dispute the charges

send a register letter to the store with a picture of the bed and details as to what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem

take a picture of the bed and detail what is wrong with it and
contact the manufacture of the bed example broyhill

file a claim in small claims court

contact the better business bureau

contact the state attorney general

Good Luck

Paul asks…

Does anyone know how the Oklahoma City Urban legend about the gerbil and the Mathis brother got started?

I have heard about this all my life, does anyone here in Oklahoma know how this started? Jilted ex-lover? Some one got sold a bad sofa? Or did he really show up at the ER with a keyster’d gerbil?

richmama answers:

The person who told me that he really showed up at an ER swore she knew some one who was working at that ER when it happened. This was some time in the 1980’s when I first heard about it. Supposedly one brother was gay as well. Let’s just say that the person who told me this was gullible and somewhat naive. You’re not the only one who has wondered if there is any truth behind the myth.

Lisa asks…

I wanna take my brother on the Judge Mathis show cause he owe me money but if i win do the show pay me?

I heard that the show pays if i win is that true because its my brother i know him and if the court make him pay me he probably still wont pay

richmama answers:

The court orders your brother to pay you

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