Your Questions About Reading A-z

Lisa asks…

Would reading a dictionary from A-Z widen my vocabulary?

And help me become more witty?
How do i become more witty?

richmama answers:

I’ve tried that … Don’t think I made it past “A”.

I’m very witty, but only when the conversation is about ambidextrous aardvarks awaiting alimony.

You better believe I bring that subject up a lot!

Charles asks…

Possible to improve English by reading dictionary A-Z?

I want to improve my English, is it a good idea to study and learn from a dictionary from A – Z? If I study 20 pages daily, I would complete within 2 months.

P/S: I’m at intermediate level.

richmama answers:

It would improve your vocabulary, but not your english.

Paul asks…

If I have a Z – Score of 0.03365 , what is my percentile? or… How do i read a z score table?

Also what does it mean ? What’s the significance of it?

cheers. + Best answer and 10 points if someone can help me out here

richmama answers:

Zscore .03365

so about 51.34% of your data is included in your zscore

Let’s say you have 500 boxes of cereal and they have a mean weight of x. Some weigh more and some weigh less. (x-mean)/standard deviation = Zscore

you would expect 256.7 boxes of cereal to weigh as much as or less than your x data.

Thomas asks…

Does the Ford a/z plan exclude the mustang?

My chevy lease is up next year and ive always wanted a mustang. My grandma is a ford retiree so we get the Z plan. Id want a used mustang tho, can you get the plan on used cars?? Ive also been reading that the a/z plan excludes the mustang? And what is the discount % for the a/z?

richmama answers:

You can only use the a/z plain on new care that includes the mustang.

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