Your Questions About How To Budget Groceries

Linda asks…

I’m a college kid on a tight budget, could anyone give me a cheap shopping list? Or how to save on groceries?

Hi there,

I’m a college kid, and I’m always hungry. But being on a tight budget my grocery budget isn’t too flexible. Can someone provide me with a cheap shopping list or ways to save on groceries?
Thank you guy. All your answers were great but I’ll pick the one that impacted me the most.

richmama answers:

Cheap frozen pizzas last a long way… They have some at the grocery store for like 75 cents or so. Mac and Cheese, ramen, spaghetti and meatballs, hamburger helper, bread and cheese and ham to make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and maybe buy a few cans of soup to go with it, frozen burritos or make your own and freeze them, box of chicken tenders and fries…

Michael asks…

How can I budget grocery shopping?

I just moved into my very first apartment and I recently went to the grocery store twice and both times ended up being pretty expensive. Does anyone have any advice on how to budget what I buy at the grocery store without having to starve?

richmama answers:

Make a grocery list and only buy what you need
get whatever you need on sale or in bulk packs, you can always put it in the freezer

John asks…

How much should I budget for groceries?

In a midwestern state how much would I need to budget each month for groceries for one person?

richmama answers:

It is nearly impossible to answer properly without some more information. Such as how many family members, any special diets, etc. Assuming no special circumstances we have worked with this rule of thumb for more than 20 years and found it effective.

As a general rule of thumb 20-25 dollars a week per person including household and laundry cleaners and personal toiletries.

Donna asks…

How can I train myself to stick to my budget & grocery list, & not buy things I don’t need?

Every time I shop @ WalMart, I always buy more than I came there for. That’s the most affordable place for me to buy my toiletries, household cleaning items, etc. & I always come out the store with WAY more than I was supposed to buy.

I suffer OCD, & I feel the need to buy almost EVERYTHING in sight. Every time I go shopping, I get an anxiety attack, whether I stick to my budget or not.

richmama answers:

I agree with the person who said to make a list and not deviate. But in your case I’d go a step further.

Make a list and bring only enough cash to buy the things on that list, maybe 5-10 dollars more the first few times until you know exactly how much you’ll need.

You must learn to only carry as much cash as you need, and not to carry extra cash, around if you are out.

Do not carry a debit card. Do not carry a credit card. You especially will need to be wary of credit all your life, if you truly cannot control your spending urges, credit is the worst thing you can have available to you.

So work only with as much cash as you need, and consult an expert for help with the OCD. I can’t imagine it’s much fun, and there may be techniques to help alleviate the symptoms.

Good luck!

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