Your Questions About Ways To Save Money On Gas

Chris asks…

Do you know of any good ways to save money on gas for your car?

besides stoppng to drive,

I’m trying this with a bunch of friends and I think its working out

richmama answers:

If it is a diesel it can be converted for a fee to run on used cooking oil. I saw it on tv. If I owned a diesel I would do this in a heartbeat. Check it out.

Sharon asks…

What are some ways to save money on your GAS and POWER BILLS?

During the winter months, my power and gas go through the roof. Any Ideas?

richmama answers:

Get some hot water bottles!! You only use power when boiling the kettle, and once boiled, the water bottle last for quite a while…

U may also wana put some towels under your front door (or any doors leading outside actually) as this stops (or at least reduces) the amount of cold outside air coming into your home!

Another good way of keeping warm is….yup, u guessed it….snuggling up to someone (or making love)

Have fun and keep warm!!

Susan asks…

What are some good ways to save money on gas?

I don’t live in the kind of place where I can walk everywhere, like a city. I live in a little town, but I can’t walk or ride a bike anywhere.

richmama answers:

Saving money by buying less gas…what a novel concept!

I should have thought of that. Sorry this got long!

Anyway here are some things that people do to waste gas or increase operating expenses…all you have to do is not do them!

1) drive when you don’t have to.
2) get “performance” out of the car…fast starts and heavy breaking. Accelerate even towards a red light.
3) warm up the car for 2 minutes or more before driving.
4) leaving the car running in a drive-thru when you were there for 6 minutes.
5) drive as fast as possible.
6) select a route that has the most stops
7) select a route with many hills…go up-hill both ways! Haha.
8) accelerate up those hills and brake a lot going down.
9) don’t ever check the air in the tires…let them get mushy and slow you down.
10) use a higher than normal weight oil in the engine…nice and thick to bog down the engine.
11) use a K & N air filter…(it will pay for itself in increased mileage in about 2 years…are you going to keep the car that long?)
12) buy a turbonator. (According to the EPA, it won’t ever pay for itself no matter how long you own your car)
13) run your air conditioner all the time. It really drags your engine down.
14) wait until the last second to up-shift. Keep that engine running in the power portion of its operating curve so you can use the most fuel.
15) make two trips when one would do.
16) burn premium gas when your car is designed for regular (big myth here that premium gives better mileage when it just resists knock better)
17) Use your cruise control in hilly conditions. It will really try to accelerate heavily to maintain your speed setting when going up hill. Burns a lot of gas.
18) Don’t use your cruise control on flat terrain…you might just get the best mileage your car can offer.

There are as many more effective tips as there are listed bad ideas here.

Here’s a good idea:

go to and find the cheapest gas you can find in your area and use it wisely.

And another one:

calculate if you can get better miles per $ by buying alchogas instead of regular… It’s octane is higher but it gives less mileage. Often you can go farther on a $ because it costs less too! My car goes farther on the slightly higher priced regular than ethanol blends though. As they say, “Your Mileage May Vary.” Do the math yourself and see.

Don’t believe mileage myths…look them up at
their information has been painstakingly researched with your tax dollar…don’t let it go to waste.

And buy a book and learn all about fuel economy…

Donna asks…

Are these some good ways on how to save gas money?

Ride a bike to work 3 days a week..

Take public transportation.

Use my car only 2 days a week and do the other one’s at the top.

Get a really small car.

richmama answers:

Take public transport. Save money, take the bus and train to work, but you have to be a rooster. Wake up early. Or you could take a straight bus to your workplace. If your company has one. Or else take the bus and train. If you need to go somewhere urgent, take a taxi and claim the money from your company if possible. Remember to get a receipt for proof and write at the back going where, time and why.

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