Your Questions About Sharing Meals At Disney World

Carol asks…

Were the restaurants at the Disney resorts good and good quality?

I’m going there and got this package that gives me a free meal at a restaurant at one of the disney resorts in disney world. I got the the disney dining package for my family. If any of you has had an exprience with this package at disney world, share your opinions.

richmama answers:

The resort food is alright. But, depending at the resort you’re staying, the food is some what limited to it’s variety’s. I have been to Disney many times and love it to death, but sometimes you just need a little bit of a break. If you are renting a car, I highly suggest going out to the restaurants around there. They are much cheaper. I’m not sure how much the difference in packages are, but I would suggest going out of your hotel for food.

Chris asks…

Disney World: New Quick Service Dining Plan….?

We are going to Disney for a week in May and purchased the Quick Service Dining plan for 2 adults and 2 kids i have read just about everything I can find on the internet regarding secrets, tips etc( etc…)………My question to anyone who has used it this year so far…I noticed that it says kids must order off the kids menu if there is one…I researched restaurants that do not have a kids menu (ie Cantina de San Angel, the quick service counter outside mexico at Epcot) And is there anything that prevents us from using two child credits to buy two meals and we all share it? Any information would be great..thank you:)

richmama answers:

With the quick service meals the adult and children meals are all in the same bucket, meaning there is no way to designate whether you are purchasing an adult meal or child meal. There is a designation on your key to the world card that shows the maximum adult and children meals that can be used in each transaction. However, this is only if the CM remembers to look at it, which very few do. The children are truly able to order whatever they want as long as the CM doesn’t say anything, you can always go through the line twice, using 2 adult meals each time, which would be inside your limit.

Linda asks…

Disneyworld packages: Should I get the hopper option on the tickets? How about the “quick service meal” plan?

Disney World package plans: Is the hopper worth the extra price? Has anyone used the quick service meal plan (that costs about $100 a day for four people)? Is it worth it or could I come out better by purchasing meals and sharing? What is the price range for food at the park? Do you get good portions – enough for two people to share? Any other advice?

richmama answers:

We buy the Hopper option every time we go to Disney. Some people think it is a waste of time. Here are our reasons
1) We have our preference for fireworks shows, this way we can spend the day at a different park and then head to our faves for a few rides and the fireworks

2) Hollywood Studios is a small park… Even if you do the whole park it is likely that you will only need about a half day or so. Rather than wasting time wandering aimlessly around Hollywood Studios, or just sitting at the campground half the day, we do Hollywood Studios and then hop a boat on over to Epcot.

3) We love the pastry shop at France, in Epcot. On one our last days we always hop back to Epcot for a few pastries to tide us over on our way home.

Now, as for the Dining. It is never worth it for us. My husband and I just do not eat that much in day. Here is a list of all the restaurants, their menus and prices I suggest you make up a mock meal plan. Be reasonable, and then compare your mock total for meals to the cost of the Dining Plan. On the plus side you do get to pay for all of your food before you even get there with the Dining Plan, but depending on the plan there are some limits as to where and how many credits your meals will cost you. You are also charged for the number of nights you are staying there… So, if you check-in, due to a late flight, at 11:00pm you have been charged $100 for that day for food. Granted, you can use those credits another day, but why spend that much when a pizza would suffice for a late arrival.

Just do your research. If you are content to spend each day in just one park, then don’t waste your money on the Hopper. And, if there are kids or picky eater adults, make sure you compare the Dining Plan price total to your daily “meal plan.”

Daniel asks…

Disney meal plan?

I’m going to Disney World this Nov11-18th. First time using the meal plan and staying at the Port Orleans Riverside. How long before the trip should I start to make any dinner reservations? Also any good dinner spots you can share that were good using the dining plan? Im more concerned about evening dinner options. Thanks to all. Peace!!!!!

richmama answers:

We went to WDW in Nov 06 and used the Disney dining plan. LOVED IT! Of course I have two teenage boys so it was really worth it. It really is a good plan if you desire to have lunch and a sit-down dinner.

You really do want to look at the menus and restaurants now (see web link below) and make reservations. The only place we had so/so service with the plan is the ESPN club on the Boardwalk. It was disappointing. It seemed that once she saw that our large party was on the plan the service just plumeted. No where else did we experience this though, to include Spoodles & the Flying Fish. Both were excellent but know that the F/Fish is 2 meal credits, though you should still be okay b/c the plan begins on the day of arrival. Character dining is 2 credits as well. If you don’t arrive until 4 pm then you still have a snack & a counter service for that day. Just use a counter service on another day instead of a dinner one. If you don’t use all your snack credits then be sure to hit the snack stand in your hotel or bakery along the way to enjoy on the trip home. You did pay for it after all.

The steakhouse in Canada is wonderful as is the Teppanyaki house in Japan. If you would like chicken skewers, rice & side salad for lunch then this can be found at the Hibachi house (on the hill) in Japan and counts as a counter service. Be careful when ordering counter serive in The Land at Epcot b/c you could get a sandwich with a coke & your entire counter service credit is taken. Compare that with what you get at Japan & it’s not reasonable.

For a good idea on the menus and what you might like to enjoy go to this website and look at the restaurant menus. Http:// It was a huge help in determining where we would eat. The Disney Dining Plan keeps the “M” in the Magic. Have a great time!

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