The Entitlement Trap – How to Keep Your Kids Out of It

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the-entitlement-trapNew York Times bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have just releases a new book titled The Entitlement Trap which promises to help parents create a new family economy to raise responsible children in an age of instant gratification. The RichMama was lucky enough to receive a pre-pub copy for review.  The book as a whole focuses on all aspects of raising polite, motivated and grateful children, from teaching them about ownership and responsibility of their things and choices.  I was interested in the chapter on the family economy where they discuss how to set up a chore board and process for allowing children to earn money – and then pay for stuff, thereby helping kids learn about money.

That chapter was about as detailed as you could get for a process of setting up a family economy for kids.  I used to be of the allowance camp – give the kids an allowance to help them learn how to save and spend, but after reading this book and some thinking, I am now using the family economy at home  – money is only given after we evaluate work done.

My kids are still pretty young so our personal system is still getting some find tuning, but in The Entitlement Trap, the authors point out that their strategies – for money, behavior, homework – you name it – work best with the overlooked tween set – elementary and middle grade kids.  Most parenting books focus on tots and tweens – but it’s the tweens that are teachable – and till eager for parental input.

The Entitlement Trap – it’s a good all around book for teaching kids about money – and about being more responsible, organized and focused – all things we want for our families.  You can pick up the The Entitlement Trap at Amazon or other fine book stores.

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