Your Questions About How To Budget A Household Free

Ruth asks…

How much money should a household have left after paying all expenses?

I am wondering if am living beyond my means or just bad at budgeting. I want to know what amount of free money will allow a family to live comfortably.

richmama answers:

At least half your monthly salary. If you are spending down to the last 100 dollars you are living beyond your means. Ideally, your expenses should not be more than 1/2 to 2/3 of your monthly income.

Sandy asks…

What can I do to get people to have their homes insulated?

I’ve just took on a new job. I have hardly any budget. I get paid for every household that agrees to have cavity wall insulated done. It is free for anyone on any benefit or pension, and its #269 for anyone who’s not on benefits. It’s good for the customer cos it saves them money and its good for the environment cos it reduces co2 emissions. How can I make my life easier cos I need to get 5-8 agreements a day?

richmama answers:

Strong arm people. Threaten to come back and kill their family if they dont buy from you.

John asks…

Why do you liberals want to increase our national debt?

Why do you liberals want to increase our national debt?
Why did nancy get a free pass when she increased it by 5 trillion?
I know quite a few of you ObamaCrats do not know the difference from our national debt and U.S budget.

How come Obama gets an affirmative action free pass, by not providing congress and the masses with abudget” for 2011?

Do you liberals increase your “household debt”, or are you basically “debt free” like me?
I doubt some of you guys know who are counter parties are for our national debt.
No solutions??
Just borrow and spend??

richmama answers:

You must have forgotten that the only president to have a balanced budget since LBJ was Clinton, another Democrat. Clinton achieved that by raising taxes (without a single Republican vote in Congress) and by cutting spending.

Republicans talk a lot but their only actions are to increase the deficits and explode the debt through bad fiscal policies.

In addition, Bush presided over a crash of the economy, leaving an incredibly difficult situation for President Obama.

The Democrats practice common sense when dealing with fiscal matters, unlike Republicans who still think that trickle down will work despite proof to the contrary.

The current goal is to get the economy back to health after the Great Recession. President Obama has been doing a good job so far, considering the formidable task. Republicans have no ideas except for the bad ones that got us into this situation to begin with.

Charles asks…

How to negotiate a budget with my husband?

I am married to a man who has a high paying job, and a career in his own right. He is excellent at negotiations and is very financially savvy. Whenever we talk budgeting, he will ask me what I need, then give me a different amount and expect me to live on it. I have 3 kids, I stay home and for over the last year I have been living in a foreign country, in fact a non english speaking one, just so my kids can learn the language (and to clarify I don’t speak the language spoken here so to say it’s been a difficult year on my own is an understatement!) and my husband has been in the US. I have virtually been managing the household here on my own, and my youngest is 16 months old! I have worked for 5 years previously part time, mainly because I hate discussing money with him and just want my own. The issue I have is that I want to go back to school, finish my degree, and I have to negotiate a budget with him as I’ve grown very used to and confident in dealing with my own money on my own. I am moving to the US to be with him now. I used to have to provide receipts for everything or he would not reimburse me, it got ridiculous. If he decided not to buy something like diet coke for me because he didn’t drink it, then I had to deal with that.. I feel like money is held over my head yet he could in no way do the job he has if it were not for me as he travels so much I have to be with the kids. I just do not know how best to approach him such that he will get that I need to have my own spending money too, and it’s important for me to have my own life ie. getting my education. I’m not lazy, I’m not expecting a free ride. He and I handle money differently, we share differing views, the problem I have is if I don’t agree with him, he immediately makes it that I am wrong…not that we’re different. So, I need some help with how best to approach him and deal with negotiations on this.
I do not expect a free ride, and I did not pop kids out to have some man take care of me, in fact, I detest that whole concept.
I appreciate sincere responses. Thanks!

richmama answers:

So he treats his marriage like a business……………sounds wonderfully controlling.

My advice would be to make him aware that you are married and not an employee asking for a raise, he has kids, does he not want the best for them?

Go and speak to a counsellor and hopefully a third party can help you ( and him if need be) see a better way to be a loving husband and a caring father, where both your needs are met and there is compromise.

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