Your Questions About Lower Debt Ceiling

Carol asks…

Do you agree with Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga) that would should LOWER the debt ceiling?

richmama answers:

If we were able to pay down the deficit first, LOWERING the debt ceiling would cause an enormous economic boom!

Daniel asks…

what other than the debt ceiling is holding up the budget?

the congress has already agreed to raise the debt ceiling if they can lower spending to help to be able to not have this again next year? why is the media and even the people on here so fixated on the debt ceiling that they do not look beyond that to see what the real issues are?
david it is because they spent money we do not have and cannot come up with. get the picture here momma and daddy do not have the money for new toys for you.

richmama answers:

The debt ceiling has very little to do with the budget. It has a great deal to do with the government being able to pay it’s bills. Over 40 cents of every dollar the government spends right now is debt.

Robert asks…

Why would democrats want a higher debt ceiling AND more tax revenue?

I thought the idea was to get more tax revenue to LOWER the debt! So why do democrats want higher taxes, more tax revenue, and an even HIGHER debt ceiling?????

richmama answers:

All Democrats demand more debt and LESS revenue. They DISHONESTLY act as though they’re completely unaware of thousands of years of PROOF of the revenue-optimum tax-rate and so DEMAND rate-changes they KNOW will make the debt problem WORSE.

Ken asks…

Do you agree government should have a spending freeze using the debt ceiling from 2006?

If we have a spending freeze the president wants to use an increased debt ceiling as the line for spending. Do you agree the freeze should be lower, say, using the ceiling from 5 years ago so we can actually freeze the spending and it will do some good and have an effect on the debt?

richmama answers:

Every department of government needs to cut 10% this year, 10% next year, and keep doing it for the next 5 years until the people say, stop. Every department.

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