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Jenny asks…

How much money do clinical psychologists make?

My boyfriend is getting his psy.d degree. He will be a child and adolescent psychologist. How much money do they make? I‘m just curious because he will be coming out of school with 180,000 dollars in debt!!!

richmama answers:

The overall 11-to-12 month median salary for licensed doctoral-level clinical psychologists was $72,000 in 2001. A further breakdown reveals the following average salaries of these clinical psychologists:

* 0 – 4 years: $57,061
* 5 – 9 years: $62,648
* 10 – 14 years: $77,957
* 15 – 19 years: $86,316
* 20 – 24 years: $91,926
* 25 – 29 years: $82,076
* 30+ years: $92, 582

In many cases, it is possible to earn well over $125,000 as a clinical psychologist, depending on the career path you choose and your professional experience, because the APA also indicated that their salary data represents:

* Salaries for individuals who are employed full time (at least 35 hours per week in salaried positions)
* Net income after office expenses for self-employed individuals who are working at least 35 hours per week
* Net income for individuals with a full-time (at least 32 hours per week) independent practice

Because many psychologists have additional sources of income from multiple work activities and settings, this data may not represent total income.

Source: 2001 Salaries in Psychology. Research Office, American Psychological Association. 2006.

Mandy asks…

Is my family a bully or am i just a brat?

I know this is not new, but I just need to know. I‘m 19 and I moved back home after fkunking out of college, which I paid for myself. I got good grades in high school, but I think I might have just got passed along. I‘m at home now trying to get on my feet. I‘m in a job, my fourth since I was 16, trying to just get back on my feet and out of debt. My younger sisters and I don’t get along because my both dad its abusive. I stopped going to visit and my sisters are pissed, which I don’t blame them, but I feel like they’re always picking on me. Entente always telling on me for taking to them, our turning on the tv too loud, etc. I do part a small rent and try to help out like with gas. My mother wool say she loves me and never wants me to leave and goes on about how I‘m her first, but then she gets angry at me and says I‘m a breast for showing affections when I tell her I get so tired of being picked on. She always tells me I‘m so miserable, which I am. I‘m very depressed but o don’t have the money to fix thar and they will not help. She taunts me that I have no friends even though she has none herself. I do have some, but her and my step dad don’t allow my to hang out with them our go on dates. I know I‘m not threw best daughter but I really don’t want to love anymore and the only reason I don’t kill my se elf is th that if I somehow survived I‘d be kicked out and I have no place to go, I already tried to see if I could live with someone but I can’t.

richmama answers:

It doesn’t sound to me like your family are bullies other than your abusive father. Nor do you sound like a brat. It seems like your step-father is somewhat controlling however — if you’re 19 how can he prevent you from hanging out with friends or dating? It sounds like you’re doing what you can to try to get along and the only thing I can suggest is to continue that until you can save up enough money to move out. You should be looking for a better paying job, and maybe even take two jobs or work overtime if that’s available. Maybe you could start out by renting a room instead of getting a place of your own. Good luck, Candy.

Daniel asks…

Why is no one really teaching the history of the Rothschild Cartel manipulating countries economies using debt?

This has nothing to do with any Religion oR Race, first off. It’s also well documented.

The Rothschild Cartel invented Central Banking, England first when they got a Central Bank as part of a deal to help the king finance wars, and where they seemingly harmed the economy and made huge money as a result of the problems with was probably caused by their manipulations. This actually put events in motion that lead to the Revolutionary War, England needed to extract big money from the colonies to pay the Rothschilds back, and the English economy was crushed so they had no where else to turn.

The Rothschild Cartel actually financed the Colonies in the war while they also financed England. The resulting debt to the colonies resulted in the first big tax on whiskey which resulted in the whiskey rebellion which was so huge it actually took more troops to put down than to win the Revolutionary War. They also got their first central bank in the USA, they are on #3 now, the Federal Reserve, which the people didn’t want after Andrew Jackson exposed the “Den of Vipers” and “routed out” their 2nd Central Bank, but they tricked them into it by disguising who was backing it, actually creating College Courses that taught that Central Banks were wonderful (much like they have later with Keynesian Economics to teach people all wealth comes from government and the central bank mechanisms for fleecing them were just good economic conditions and practices) …

I‘ll put a link to historical documentation of exactly how the Rothschild Cartel went about creating the Federal Reserve. There are many names involved, but you have to understand that there are many who are involved with the Rothschild Cartel who do whatever they say, because going against them is extremely dangerous. They own DeBeers and their history may tell you something of what they are capable of just working to corner the diamond market. They financed Cecil Rhodes founding of DeBeers, they financed Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Harriman’s Railroad, and Carnage’s US Steel, and others (the Shiff family are intertwined with the Rothschilds). These men helped them buy politicians, other influential people, and other leverage in preparation for the return of their central bank.

There is so much more every person in the world should be taught, because the lure of easy money used by bankers, not just Rothschild’s, can be used to horrible effect, and it has so many times. Used against people and whole nations.

1790: Mayer Amschel Rothschild states “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” That’s ended up to be very true. The Rothschild Cartel is still around today and more invasive than ever.

When you hear guys like Geithner speak about how we must spend more to build the economy, it’s the Fed talking and that’s the Rothschild Cartel talking, and they have a history of destroying economies and profiting obscenely from it. When you see Bernanki laugh when asked by a Senator about auditing the Fed, it’s because there is no way that will happen. The Fed is more powerful than the President, and were the people to understand what they were doing the Fed would be gone, in fact the people of the world would destroy the Rothschild Cartel if they understood what they really are.

So, when these guys tell us the road to prosperity is through debt, they are right. Their road to prosperity is through holding others debt. I mean they make trillions by manipulating our money supply, and all they had to do is start it. All the costs are paid by the people, they take all the profit. So it’s an EMERGENCY to raise the debt ceiling? Yeah, like the bail outs were emergency. They just got a quick infusion of our money into their accounts. Many of the bail outs were affiliated with the Rothschild Cartel. Funny huh? And they are pushing us for more and more debt.
Minni, a lot of research, I‘ve never seen it all in one place, but there is much more. Check out Jewel’s sites, very good info there, but don’t take one site as true, keep on reading and verifying through recorded history to see if things correlate. You won’t see any of this in the News, people who bring it up have a habit of dying. JFK warned us about them but didn’t give the names, he promised to but he died 10 days after that speech at Columbia University. He was in the middle of fighting the Rothschild Cartel’s monopoly on controlling our money supply. Executive order 11110 revoked their monopoly, he also turned and supported the ERA he’d been against and most Democrats were against, lowered taxes, and pushed Russia’s missiles back out of Cuba, but I don’t know that the Rothschilds still held influence in USSR then, there was a tiff with Stalin and they actually backed Hitler and the Nazi’s to go after him. That’s why the appeasement in Europe for Hitler, until Hitler started print
for Minni continued … That’s why the appeasement in Europe for Hitler, until Hitler started printing German Money then they went after him to. They have Central Banks in all but 3 countries in the world. Well Libya was the 4th but it’s on the way.
Entropy … weak minds assume things are as their paradigms dictate, but this is documented information. It’s not in question of being fantasy, it’s history, the only question is what does it mean now?
Rocketstar … Their is much documentation of the Rothschild Cartel carrying out assassinations. They tried to get Andrew Jackson, he said he knew it was them, when he was fighting to get them out, and he did after he got lucky and the would be assasins 2 pistols in a row misfired. They killed a Prime Minister in England when he wouldn’t authorize the war of 1812. They killed an important German in Government who was warning Lincoln I think it was. They murdered the Czars in Russia after a century old vendetta. Lincoln started printing money and some say they planned his assasination. Lincoln was outspoken calling “the bankers” his most dangerous enemy, in the middle of the Civil War. Saying they would corrupt and destroy the country some day in all probability. That’s just some of it. Lately Libya is under attack, one of 4 countries which ran their own money supply, Rothschild Cartel runs all others.

richmama answers:

Right, the Fed telling us to spend spend spend is the Rothschild Cartel with a documented history of pushing economies to destruction and exacting huge profit from those situations. George Soros, a deep deep Rothschild connected guy, some say an agent (which see’s pretty obvious as he profits in the billions on the peripheral effects of their moves and obviously has knowledge of what they will be). Soros also defends the Federal Reserve, and his paid shills do propaganda in their favor.

So people are listening to the Federal Reserve Agents like Geithner? You know the guy so important he didn’t have to worry about paying taxes until he was appointed to his post and someone checked him out. You think the President appointed this Goldman Sachs boy? Well he had 3 choices given by the Fed, and he choose 1, his Goldman Boy … And Goldman Sachs is IN the Rothschild Cartel.

How are people not putting this together? They are dependent on the media which is heavily influenced, if not controlled by entities dependent on Rothschild Cartel Banking money. Only Fox is not because Murdock is wealthy, but they are going after him hard, and Soros is spending millions to go after Fox and those who really present information they don’t want out, like Beck for instance, and Soros has many Important Media people on his payroll.

The Rothschilds not only have history of profiting off economic disaster they create, they have a long standing goal of World Domination. They were thwarted in this as early as early 1800s by the Russians which created a vendetta against the Czars … Which they carried out by financing and actually pushing the Bolshevik Revolution, and all the Czars families were murdered to the last child. Then they murdered the Bolsheviks and took over, creating the USSR.

Global Warming scam has their smell all over it. Soros created the Climate Exchange Scam Obamaf financed while working for Soros in his Joyce Foundation year before we knew him. The Climate Exchange Scam is dependent on Cap & Trade Scam Obama is pushing, which is dependent on the Global Warming scam that many Rothschild Connections in government and Colleges are pushing.

Global Warming regulation they are trying to push for world wide Regulatory and taxation powers through the UN, which would be a big step toward Global Government. A Rothschild Goal since the 1700s.

Steven asks…

Can I report my mom to child services for keeping my siblings away from me?

I know the main question is harsh, but it’s mostly to grab your attention. I just want some serious suggestions/help of what I can do. Here are the facts:

I am 26. I have a 31 and 15 year old sibling living at home with my single mother. I am so far the only one from my entire family who graduated college and moved out at 23 and am financially stable. I‘m not rolling in dough, but I‘m living good, not starving. I am a freelancer still growing in my business.

– My mother for the past year has pressured me to co-sign on a 3rd home refinance loan for her house & asked to borrow $200 last month for overspending. She stated she really needs this loan to help pay off her other debts and a recent $50,000 loan for a kitchen renovation.

– My 31 year old brother has returned to school for a third time, destroyed his credit from overspending and cannot be used to co-sign for the loan.

– She hasn’t spoken to me in a month so far after feeling insulted that I was only able to loan her less than the $200 amount by an exact date.

– Since I was a child, she told me I had to pay her a minimum of $300 a month when I start working as a form of respect for being raised. She has told me this up to the point we stopped talking. The last time I visited 2 months ago, she said verbatim, “You graduated 3 years ago and you are still not paying me. Why aren’t you paying me? I let you live here while in college!”


I understand this is common in my (crippling) Asian culture, but after I started working at 18, I realized the value of money and really had to teach myself not to get buried in crippling debt as my mother and brother have. I suffered to pay off a $5,000+ credit card from college, on my own, after I was told at first (at 18) that it’s great to have debt for good credit (by my mom). Another fact, both her and my brother don’t have adequate credit to be getting a refinance loan on their own.

Yesterday she sent me 50+ text messages blowing up and attacking me for being disloyal and an evil loser and my 15 yr old sister deserves a better sister and I will never see her as long as my mom’s alive. She’s said so many hurtful things and I brushed it off, but to shun me so hard and not let me visit my little sister brought me to tears. She also told me my sister cried after being told we cannot visit each other ever. Then blamed me for it of course.

I almost want to say my mom needs help, her rage is out of control and she has tarnished or deteriorated so many relationships and blames everyone for how bad they treat her. She constantly uses reverse psychology to get anything from us and when I blatantly told her recently that it doesn’t work was when she blew up at me. I could not withstand the insults and childish manners anymore. She’s never talked straight to us, always used insult and manipulation when dealing with her children.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I‘ve lost my family for such a shallow thing. Because I don’t give acceptable money to her, everyone except my sister and oldest brother (35) has turned their back on me. I heard from her friend that my sister is devastated and hurt by this whole thing. My mom has blocked her FB and e-mail from me now…

Is there a way I can see my sister without totally damaging my mom? Could I file a report of some kind so I can have a right to see my sister at least? Btw, there is no such thing as logic or reason when dealing with my mom. Anything anyone has said in disagreement with her is considered a form of attack and disrespect. And she has stated this herself. This is the main reason she doesn’t talk to me. I appreciate your time for reading this and thank you for any helpful feedback.

richmama answers:

Honey, do NOT cosign for any more loans, your mom’s or anyone elses! You were sweet to do that but it truly sounds like mom needs a good lesson in living within her means. She seems to have quite a money management problem!
You do NOT owe her any payments for “raising” you. As a parent that was her job and if you lived at home while going to college, that was also her decision as a parent.
I would meet your sister after school or arrange to meet her at a cafe or a mall without your mom knowing. Witholding a relationship with your sister because you won’t bend to her ridiculous ways, she doesn’t deserve to know what’s going on. Actually, your mother has no legal right to keep you two apart.
Why not go to Social Services and speak to someone there about this situation. Perhaps they can give you more advice in a legal sense.

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