How Many Calories in Frappuccino?


How Many Calories in A Frappuccino?

This holiday season, while visions of sugar plums dance in our heads, so does the temptation to indulge in all those naughty foods – but they won’t do anything nice to your waistline.  So a Smart HotMama picks her caloric splurges carefully, especially when it’s on a beverage.  So while we’re not advocating a steady diet of water and green tea, you might want to think twice before downing some of these high calorie beverages. And no, we don’t have it in for Starbucks…we spend a lot of time there…drinking tea.

How Many Calories in a Frappuccino?
A Starbucks 13.7 ounce bottled Coffee Frappuccino Has:

  • 290 calories
  • 4.5 g fat (2.5 g saturated)
  • 46 g sugar

Hmm, does a little coffee with that fat and sugar sound good?

Starbucks 20 ounce Venti 2% Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

  • 660 calories – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
  • 22 g fat (15 g saturated)
  • 95 g sugar

Will this really put you in the holiday spirit – try listening to White Christmas again.

Starbucks 20 ounce Venti 2% Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate

Sounds delish doesn’t it?  But check this out –

  • 760 calories
  • 37 g fat (22 g saturated)
  • 85 g sugars
  • 380 mg sodium

What ever happened to the simple milk chocolate with a few mini marshmallows?

A smart HotMama knows that drinking calories is a waste of of them.  So stay smart this holiday season and find another way to keep the Grinch at bay.

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