Your Questions About Ways To Save Money At Home

Steven asks…

What are the # 1 ways to save ,money at home?

Things like turning off lights and stuff.

richmama answers:

Use coupons and buy the items only when they are on sale. But don’t buy it just because you have a coupon and it’s on sale. I know a woman who has what seems like a lifetime supply of paper towels because she buys them every time they go on sale!

Save gas, buy online.

Shop at home first. How many things do you have that you could put to use right now? I have clothes in the attic for my kids, different themes for decorating my home, a storage box with stuff I bought on sale during the year. They’ll make nice gifts this Christmas.

De-clutter, clean and organize. It’s easier to find things and you won’t have to run to the store because you couldn’t find it. For example, my daughter is cleaning out the pantry cabinet and came running in because she found fruit snacks. That’s one less thing on my grocery list now!
Give away what someone else needs more than you do. Resell only if it’s got real value. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth the hassle (unless that’s how you make your living) and keeping it around causes stress and stress causes shopping.

Put your electronics on a power strip. Only turn on when needed. Don’t leave your computer on all day unless you need to.

Walk for exercise instead of buying equipment. Get a dog if you want a companion. Okay, so they eat, but the dog might last longer than it takes you to pay off a Bowflex on credit!

Stay happy. I NEED to shop when I am unhappy!

Donald asks…

Ways to save money at home?

I want to save more money and start making homemade things. I know the typical gardening and canning, but does anybody have anything unique that they do in order to save a little money?

richmama answers:

I have developed a few recipes that work really well frozen and reheated, and I make up huge batches at once and fill the freezer. Some of my favorites are low-fat muffins (30-60 seconds in the microwave and you’ve got a warm breakfast), waffles (again, low fat, and pop them in the toaster), quiche (30-60 minutes in the oven), soup (pea soup is excellent frozen and reheated), a German onion pie (hard to explain, but a lot like pizza with no red sauce), and chicken stock. The chicken stock is great, because we roast whole chickens, have the chicken for dinner, and then boil the carcass for 4 hours with a bay leaf, some pepper, and a little salt. So the stock is essentially free, and makes a great soup (the aforementioned pea soup, or sweet potato soup) later.

It doesn’t work for everything, but some of the above works as “convenience food” — quick and easy to reheat and serve, so it saves us money over nights when I might be tempted to pick up take out on the way home…..

Mary asks…

What are ways you save money at home?

Luckily, my hubby hasn’t been one of the ones laid off in this horrible economy. We are surviving, I just want to be able to make the most out of what little we do have. We are on programs like WIC and the food pantry (we make $110 too much for food stamps) I’m trying to cut corners where ever I can to make our money stretch the most.

I feel I should mention, we have no TV (cable, Dish, or antenna), no cell phone. Monthly, our only “splurge” is the high speed internet unlimited long distance (almost like my lifeline b/c my family lives out of state). So, I don’t consider our monthly expenses to be extravagant by any means.

We have 2 kids, 2 and 3.

I already make our own laundry detergent. I’m using old clothes to make other things like pillows and stuff around the house. When I shop, I look for sales, and stock up on things I know we will use a lot. We don’t have a dryer, so things get hung out.

Are there any other ways that I can cut back even more? This could be through cheap recipies, making something we could use out of “trash” like old bottles or boxes or something.

I’m trying to cut back as much as I can.


richmama answers:

I think it’s awesome that you are trying to “make do” and not garnering as much help as you can out of the government, however, remember this. You and your husband have worked and been paying taxes and generaly been productive members of our society. So get more help if you can especially for the kids. There’s a lot of programs out there designed to help people in financial stress like you describe. There’s no shame in getting more help if you can as long as you don’t rely on it and get back to earning a paycheck when you ( he ) can.

Find the smaller food saver stores in your area such as Audi’s, Save Alot, something local only in your area that have off brands or HEAVILY discounted foods.

Goodwill, Salvation Army for clothes.

Run bathing water into a different container so you can get the most out of it, buy fluorescent light bulbs for the entire house to cut back on the electric bill (those things REALLY knocked my electric bill back alot).

Thats just a few little things that you could do, I’m afraid it might not be much help.

I wish you and your family all the best though, just hang in there. =)

Michael asks…

what is the best way to save money at home?

i want to start saving money, but i dont know how r where to save it at, please help

richmama answers:

Sell things you don’t need around your house and ask friends and family for things they don’t need and sell them on ebay or other auction sites

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