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Steven asks…

Do you favor a balanced budget amendment and how will an amendment moderate out-of-control government spending?

Amending the constitution concerns me.
The 14th certainly became a fiasco and don’t get me started on the 16th.

His talk of possible accommodation in the protracted political stalemate over federal budget policy came as the Senate took up the tea party-backed House legislation Thursday. It ties an increase in the government’s borrowing authority to a series of conservative demands, including immediate spending cuts and a constitutional balanced budget amendment.

richmama answers:

The Balanced Budget Amendment, is just window dressing and even if it were passed, Congress would find ways to overspend.

The Unamended US Constitution by the design of election of the Senators (by State Legislatures) and the proportional spending requirement, keep the budget in line. Lincoln and the Congress, came up with the silly notion of the Income tax “to pay for the civil war”. Lincoln knew it was illegal as did the members of Congress, but they knew how slowly the Court worked and once money is collected by tax agents it is never returned.

The XVI and XVII amendment destroy the stalling aspects of the Senate and the Income Tax has been used to destroy privacy, spending discipline and both encourage wealth envy.

Michael asks…

Do you think these methods for dealing with the recession will help or hurt in the long run?

This is free money for those in need. But some people don’t qualify as needy enough. One person said they came so they could cover their utilities and not become homeless……….how many times can the govt. possibly do this??

I mean most state govt.’s are running deficits and the average person is in debt.;_ylt=AlLSwKCzUqmba2YBaPs7li3Za7gF;_ylu=X3oDMTE1MWlwMDFoBHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bi1jaGFubmVsBHNsawN0aG91c2FuZHNtb2I-

One in four working-age adults in Detroit is without a job, and the city’s home foreclosure rate continues to be among the nation’s highest. One in four families and three out of every 10 individuals live below the poverty level, according to the U.S. Census.
Before Wednesday, Detroit Planning and Development workers already had spent two days handling long lines at City Hall and other locations. Rumors that $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama administration spurred heavy turnouts.

That helped get 33-year-old William Lambert and his 27-year-old fiancee, Iesha Wagner, to City Hall on Tuesday. Lambert said he is out of work and living with Wagner at her mother’s home.
“We kind of fell on hard times,” he said. “It’s hard working as a carpenter and then not working at all. It’s not good right now.”
Odessa Willis also heard the stimulus rumors, but needed to find out for herself Tuesday.

I‘m here to meet a need so I won’t become homeless and my utilities will be paid,” said Willis, 56. “With this economy, I‘m not able to keep my head above water.”

The city distributed more than 50,000 applications for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program over the past several days before running out Wednesday morning. Only 3,500 people who qualify will receive the money — a maximum $3,000 per applicant, Dumas said.

Many residents taking applications won’t qualify because of the program’s strict income requirements. Dumas also fears people who really need the money might have missed out on applications because of the long lines.

To be considered, applicants must have lived in Detroit for the past six months, been homeless within the past year and be of low to moderate income. A single applicant is ineligible with an income of more than $24,850 annually; the maximum annual income for an eligible family of four is $35,500.

richmama answers:

This is another ineffectual means of only creating more debt.

It’s like the foreclosure situation.
Banks were told to sit on foreclosures, thereby essentially condoning free housing. While those who pay their bills every month, and are struggling & now out of work, have to figure out what to do, to cover it.

This isn’t to prevent homelessness. $35,000 for a family of 4?! In an urban area, no less? That’s dirt poor. Glad Obama’s having fun on his date nights, though. He’s such a help to the common man.

This will simply be a means to shed positive light on those who brought the program to Detroit. It’ll be used next time there’s a vote on the horizon.

Linda asks…

for that supergirl out there, how do i meet and attract you?

other than getting off-line from yahoo answers…
intelligence: check
no debt / some $: check
job: almost check
gym: could pump iron a bit more, but half check

anything else? i mean, i know this sounds superficial, but i need someone who is…better than me. i‘m not saying i‘m perfect. but i need someone to grow from. smart, career, nice eyes, athletic, a real knock-out and a “wow – that’s inspiring / amazing ” type. like i‘m sick and tired of meeting the a) smart but that’s it b) hot but that’s all there is and c) over-inflated ego….like maybe God is punishing me for kicking those cats…
no one is perfect, and you can’t judge a person, but these are basic qualities any applicant to a high-profile college (or even high job) needs: smart, go-getter, leader, responsible. i can’t judge any other qualities (how nice the person is, compassionate, etc.) w/o putting in bias….
it’s just frustrating. oh lets see, another bar party…she’s cute, oh wait, dumb as a rock…or she’s smart, oh wait, not that great looking…or…ah perfect! ARGH damn it, there are 10 guys in line. ARGHHHHH. f*** darwinism.
and i‘m ranting, but i absolutely hate, absolutely hate the line, of “the car right for you,” maybe, but most of the time, i think that’s just a line. it’s like sean connery says in the “The Rock,”

“Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and f8ck the prom queen”

richmama answers:

Keep in mind nobody is perfect. Just like you aren’t perfect, there’s not going to be anyone out there who is. The point isn’t about finding a perfect person, but finding the perfect person for you. No one online can give you that answer. Good luck 🙂

Carol asks…

Conservatives, considering the following I have listed below why should I vote for McCain?

F rating with Gun owners of America
Anti-anwar drilling
Against tax cuts
Campaign finance reform

I asked a question earlier if those were the views of a democrat or republican and everyone said democrat;_ylt=Ai0aVhUeSFDUAnDbkYMxwsvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080609012611AAV9QQs

I also asked for the candidate plans to deal with the enormous debt:


As you can see Obama has a plan and McCain does not have a plan.

Considering getting out of Iraq and paying off the debt are my 2 biggest issues would not Obama be a better choice for me?
I am a libertarian republican and do not agree with Obama on a lot but I notice that McCain does not even talk about any issue besides Iraq hardly and this is disturbing with the economy how it is.

Why should I vote for him?
Darr – I love Ron Paul but he will not be on the ballot and in Ohio that means I can not vote for him.

I want to vote for a fiscally responsible candidate who talks about the issues. Maybe it will have to be 3rd party
“Because he’s not Obama” that is sound reasoning from someone with obviously high intelligence. lol

Whoever said genocide in Iraq – sorry, America first, Iraq can take care of its own problems. If you are so concerned go over there. I felt the same way about Kosovo under Clinton. I believe in small government, not government that spans the globe.

Seems as if no one really likes McCain and the fact that most conservative I know are just refusing to vote or going 3rd party means that McCain has 0 chance. I guess I will be doing the same…GOP needs to get a wake up call and no one can give me any good reasons at all to vote McCain.
“What kind of identity is Iraq first and America 2nd?”

Just to be funny. Seems as if all that do not want to get out of Iraq are wiling to give America a back seat, as Bush has done with his 9 trillion liberal debt and anti-american social programs like nclb and patriot act.
I think 4 years of Obama will make it so next election the GOP nominates a better conservative candidate. 8 years of McCain sounds pretty bad considering no one can tell me why they like him.
Kinda like Jimmy Carter was good because it allowed Reagan to get in.

Regan/ will give another Regan in 2012

sounds good to me

richmama answers:

You shouldn’t.

It is more than simple disagreement in this particular election. It is also the movement and direction of the Republican Party that is at stake in this election.

Conservatives do not support McCain. His votes come from Neo-Con’s, racists, and disaffected Hillary supporters (none of which are good for the Republican Party or this nation).

Voting for a man whose proponents only arguments are he has experience (disregarding that that experience has been in undermining everything we stand for), that he will keep us in a war America can not afford and should have left long ago now (no benefit to whatsoever…and furthers a “empire” agenda), and that he has a different type of melanin in his skin is not a argument to win conservatives. The children that post on this forum have no idea what they are talking about.

I have had many conversations on this topic with fellow conservatives….the truth is most are staying home come November (or voting third party….but voting for the other Republican offices) and a few less are voting Obama. (Voting Obama myself, but Cornyn for Senate…and Republican for other offices).

The Republicans need to go into the wilderness and fix themselves. If they can manage that then perhaps conservatives can support them again.

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