Your Questions About Household Budgets

Thomas asks…

household budgets?

Bob was going over the household budget and was complaining to his wife about her expenditure.
you can clean the house yourself’ he said, that will save on the cleaning lady.
you can also learn to cook, that will save on our restaurant bills.
and while your at it, you should learn to iron, so we wont have to pay the ironing lady
and you should learn to f*** said his wife, then we could get rid of the gardener.

richmama answers:

Odear……funny day today…hay you looked at my 360 yet there’s a mad pic right at the bottom….let me know what you think…

Linda asks…

Household budgets…?

what is a house hold budget and why would it be useful???

richmama answers:

This is an assessment of how much you spend on various things from food to cleaning materials etc for the home.It is useful as it helps to focus the mind on just what is spent individually or as a whole. It makes it possible to budget and give thought to savings

Donald asks…

With household budgets shrinking how likely are you to keep your hair color and cut appointments?

Will you keep getting your hair services done in the salon?

Will you go as often?

Will you stretch your appointments but still keep them with your stylist in the salon?

Will you take on the hair cutting and coloring task at home?

richmama answers:

For me…….I have a cold wave perm………I can go from 3 to 5 months and do maintenance at home……….after that……….I should be able to afford to go to the salon…….for a re-touch.

The most important part is doing maintenance to the hair between appointments to keep my hair in good condition.

Victory of Creativehairillusions

Sandy asks…

Do you have a spreadsheet for household budgets?

I’m looking for something in an Excel that is simple to use.

richmama answers:

There are a few good choices here if you’re just looking for something simple.


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