Your Questions About Household Budgets Spreadsheets

Paul asks…

i’m looking for a sample of a household budget spreadsheet.?

I want to create a budget for a teen who is getting ready to move into her own apartment. Can someone please help?

richmama answers:


I also suggest you read Ramsey’s book on how to use the budget, how to stick to the budget and how to save money and truth and myths about debt.

Linda asks…

spreadsheet and yearly household budget: what day to start “week 1” ?

I am creating a microsoft works spreadsheet from scratch for my yearly household budget.

what day do I start “week 1” ? on January 1st, which is a Friday and start each following week Friday to Thursday?
or start each week on Monday and proceed with Monday thru Sunday; excepting week 1, which will start with January 1 not Monday Dec. 27?

not a book keeper, so I don’t know.


richmama answers:

It doesn’t matter. Chose whatever date works for YOU. Unless this numbers are used for taxes, it is perfectly legitimate to start with Mon, Dec 27 or Wed, Jan 6.

I personally do a monthly budget starting with the first PAYDAY of the month. This means I have two 6 week ‘months’ per year and the ‘month’ can start anywhere from the first to the 14th.

Charles asks…

creating a household budget?

does anyone have a good spreadsheet on creating a household budget

richmama answers:

If you can use Microsoft Excel, list out on the left column:
Your income (salary, interest, dividend, other fees, etc.). Leave one row space before starting the expenses. Start listing all of your monthly expenditures beginning with rent (mortgage), utilities, tel & internet, food, sundries, other supplies, insurances (medical, auto & others if you carry any other), clothing/shoes, health and beauty, entertainment, miscellaneous and any other expenses you might have. On the next column, enter your spendings. Do this diligently for a few months. At the end of, say 3 months, come up with the total of each of the category in the left column, and average the amouns. You then know what you are actually spending bringing in and spending. At this point, you can build a budget in the same way as you had created the actual income and expense schedule.

Nancy asks…

10 points! I’m doing a spreadsheet for monthly budget, what is the difference between………..?

projected and actual cost.

like for phone,
projected cost and actual cost for my phone bill? what does that mean? here is the spreadsheet:

richmama answers:

Projected cost is an estimate of about how much that phone bill will cost by a certain period of time.
Actual cost is the cost it actually really is.

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