Your Questions About How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Linda asks…

is using a credit card consolidating company to pay off debt bad for the credit score ?

how long will this afect the credit score when using a credit card company to pay credit card debt

richmama answers:

Сredit repair workеd fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service –

Susan asks…

How long will it take to pay off this Credit card debt?

Have $2,100.00 in credit card debt. The interest rate is 12.99%. The minimum payment is only $41.45. Make a payment of $100.00 per month. How long would it take to pay this debt off, if i continue to make $100.00 payments and not use this card ever again?

richmama answers:


Try out this website. You enter the balance, interest rate and months on top. The monthly payment is calculated on the bottom. Using this website, if you make payments of $107/month, it’ll take you 22 months to repay this debt.

Sandra asks…

Paying off Credit Card Debt with out having to pay the whole balance?

We are coming into some money and I had read a article about how you can pay off credit card debt with out having to pay the whole thing but I cant find the article with all the ‘credit card wordage’ any one have any suggestion?

richmama answers:

Are you referring to debt settlement???

In any case, I doubt if this article is the same as the one you’re referring to, but it may be discussing the same topic:

John asks…

Can anyone help give me some ideas on how to pay off credit card debt?

I owe about 25,000 in credit card debt, and the problem is I cant afford to pay no more then the minimum payment a month, due to my income. What would be the best thing to do?

richmama answers:

Minimum payments are not going to get you anywhere.

You could get a second job, sell something, or ask for help from your family.

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