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Hey HotMamas!  To celebrate our launch we’re going crazy and giving away a ton of stuff.    We’re going to be holding a two-week launch party.  Why – to celebrate spreading the word about the HotMama Secrets – philosophy – beauty, health and wellness for moms.    We’re moms, you’re moms – we know how it is.

Win a Zeno Hot Spot

Win a Zeno Hot Spot

Remember when you used to rock your skinny jeans and always, always wear cute undewear – just in case, y’know.   Now you’re lucky if you just get time to take a shower.  But no more – with we’re going to unveil convenient, easy, chic and cheap ways to unleash your HotMama again.  Your a mom – you deserve to feel and look good!

Win a Philosophy Holiday Gift Set

Win a Philosophy Holiday Gift Set

Win a Fresh Sugar Rush Set

Win a Fresh Sugar Rush Set

Best of L'Occitane Gift Set

So now on to the contest – we’re giving away a slew of cool prizes, like an L’Occitane Gift Set, a Zeno Hot Spot Acne blaster, a Fresh Sugar Gift Set and a Philosophy Hair Care Holiday Set.

What do you have to do to win?  Tell us your favorite hotmama secret or tip (like your go-to hairstyle, your favorite flattering  jeans, the secret to no chip nails…how to get ready without getting kid-goo’d) in the comments below.  We’ll randomly select winners from all the comments below.  So go ahead, get your HotMama on – and tell your friends…

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  1. My beauty philosophy is to keep it simple! I do have to wear makeup
    on a daily basis because I have a large port wine birthmark on the
    left side of my face…Making sure that it is covered in my main priority
    and with much practice with and without my children around, I have it
    down to a science. I adore lipstick and put a neutral color on to go
    out! Scent is a must for me daily, because I feel naked without it.
    You are having lovely giveaways and I love the art behind your blog!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. My secret is Baby Powder. I try not to wash my hair everyday. And I sprinkle a bit in my hand and run my fingers thru my hair, DONE. Looks fresh, smells fresh.
    I would love the philosophy gift set!!!

  3. kelly wells says:

    I use Sticky nail polish base under my color and it makes my manicure last for 10+ days!!

  4. Thank you for creating this new site. I am really looking forward to hearing all the good things that us mom could use to keep us feeling fresh. Thank you also for these great giveaways

  5. Mine is to get everything ready the night before so I can hit the ground running. Thanks for the contest. & good luck with the new site.

  6. Thank you for creating this site. My tip is to apply eye cream each and every night to prevent tired looking eyes the next day.

  7. My secret to staying fresh is cornstarch, yes cornstarch. I sprinkle it in my Underwear and it keeps me cool and dry all day. You should try it.

  8. I see my hairstylist every six weeks and keep my hair color and cut to where I just wash and wear.

  9. I love Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo. I have fine hair that has to washed everyday. And this stuff gives me at least 2 days and adds volume and texture.

  10. I slather any good body cream on my feet, massage them well (feels soooo good) and pull on white cotton socks -ok not pretty at that very minute-bu the next morning VOILA soft, comfy feet. I got Burts Bees peppermint foot creme as a gift last year and, although any cream works, that stuff is to die for!

  11. sweeter the berry says:

    My best tip is to use vaseline for chapped lips or for scrapes and bruises.

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