Feeding Your Family on A Budget

Can You Feed Your Family on A Budget – Healthily?

Discovering healthy ways to feed your family on a budget can often be a challenge. However, with just a little creativity, it’s very possible to find healthy, family budgeting friendly food choices so your family and your pocket can rest easy.

Healthy Eating Tips That Can Instantly Save You Money!

Use the following tips that are sure to cater to your wallet and your palate:


  1. Eat out less often. Eating out less often has two wonderful benefits:

Guess what.  What you spend on food will be significantly less because eating at a restuarant is much pricer than you think – and a lot  less healthy.  Most of the restaurants families favor tend to have menus loaded with unhealthy options – even the salads.  You have to be on your guard to order a healthy meal.

2. Grow your own veggies and herbs. Seriously – even a small herb garden or veggie patch will save you some serious bucks.  If you’re not too into gardening – or all the work – focus on fresh herbs and a few staple vegetables to help feed your family on a budget.  Stick with lettuce, tomatoes and some peas or beans, and you’ll have most of your veggie needs covered.  Most home gardens are easily organic too – since you’re controlling what goes on them, so they make a naturally healthy choice for the family.

Cooking Techniques That Are Affordable and Healthy


Try these healthy cooking ideas for a change of pace and more change in your pocket:


  1. Go grilled, not fried. If you have children in your family, then there’s a great chance that they will want kid friendly meals like fish fingers or chicken nuggets. While those items may not necessarily be very expensive in the supermarket, they’re not as nutritious as their grilled counterparts. Buy chicken tenderloins – which are shaped like chicken fingers and grill or saute them.  Marinate them in a mild flavoring like Italian or honey mustard dressing and your kids will never miss the breading.

3. Use homemade condiments. A great alternative to unhealthy store-bought condiments is to make your own relishes and sauces at home. The added benefit is that they’ll be much less expensive than the grocery store variety. Even ketchup (which gets used by the gallon in our household) is simple to make.

4. Make your own juices. Most juices available at the supermarket are overpriced and filled with sugar.  You can better feed your family on a budget by making the juices yourself.   Fruits are relatively affordable – especially if you buy them locally and in season – so buying your own and making your own juices is a healthier and more affordable option.

Don’t make the mistake the healthy eating is more expensive.  You can go about feeding your family on a budget- and still eat healthily. Just use these simple tricks.

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