Apps Help Saves Money

Are you ready to be a money saving RichMama?  Well here are 5 different apps that will help you become a money saving expert – and justify that smartphone you bought.

Apps to Curb Your Spending and Save You Money

Apps to Save Money

Apps Help Save Money

If you use an Android or an iPhone there are many apps that will help your track bills and your spending.  Add to that an app or two that will help you find great deals, and all of a sudden your phone has the power to be a true wealth managements system.  Here’s a rundown of some key apps for you to take with you as you seek to tame your household budget.

Try these phone apps to help you achieve your financial goals:

  1. Finanicial apps. Quicken and BillMinder are two finance apps worth taking advantage of.
  • The Quicken app  lets you track and monitor your financial accounts no matter where you are.  You can see your goals, your financial activity and even where to find an ATM.
  • BillMinder helps you manage the due dates of your bills, as well as their payment status.  You can import the data and receive helpful reminders of when bills are due.  This app will help you avoid late fees and any dings to credit report if you forget to pay a bill – and with a mom’s busy life, we all know how easily that can happen.
  • Shopping apps – Don’t you want to be the one all your friends whisper about, “She saves money like crazy” – well guess what there is an app for that.  Grocery Gadget Shopping List and Coupon Sherpa are two apps that will help you save money on things that you had to buy anyway.
  • Grocery Gadget is a $4.99 app that allows you to share and upload your grocery list while including prices comparisons from your favorite local grocery stores and coupons on products you actually want to buy.  The RichMama thinks this could really help you save a ton of money on each trip – and remember  – put that saved money in your savings account – so you can actually realize all the savings.
  • Coupon Sherpa is free and offers in-store coupons and exclusive deals.  You have to search by store name of category and look up local stores.  But you can share any coupons found with friends via email.

One of the RichMama’s favorite ways to save money is by cooking instead of eating out or succumbing to takeout – yes it’s a commitment – you need to plan ahead, but really it’s can save you hundreds of dollars a month. So what apps help make this feeding a small army possible:

  • All Recipes App  – All Recipes is a free app that offers mobile access to thousands of different recipes offering user reviews, directions and photos. There’s even a  “spinner” feature which helps you build a recipe around main ingredient – perfect if there is a sale on pork roast at the store, prep time or other variables.

If you are like many moms, you spend a lot of time driving people around.  So what saves money on gas?

  • Gas Buddy – the $2.99 app shows you were the cheapest gas prices are all across the country.  And since pump prices can vary by as much as 20% within a region, finding the cheapest gas – especially if you’re driving past it anyway, can really translate into some serious savings for the mom-mobile.

Another place the RichMama likes to look at to saves money is communications.  Things like a regular phones and cells can really add up.

  • Text Free – Even moms love to text, so why not try the TextFree Unlimited app, which allows you to send and receive text messages for free as long as the application is running.  It’s perfect for light texters and only costs $5.99.   Just think of the savings
  • Skype – talk with grandma for free? Yup – you can video chat with the Skype app but also use it speak to cell phones.  In some cases, small fees are applied, but if you have to speak internationally you can really save big.  Or if you can ditch the landline entirely and Skype it.

Using your smart phone wisely can help you save money – you might even be able to pay for the cost of the phone!  But we’re really we’re betting that if you are strategic in just one area – like your grocery shopping, the savings would really add up.  And you can take that money – to the bank, or to the credit card companies, or the mortgage holder or whatevere.  Just please, please don’t spend it on another app!

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